Trick or Treat with Pokemon Go’s Hallowe’en update

Learn more about why there are more spooky treats in store for Pokemon Go players over Hallowe’en...

26 Oct 2016




Take a walk this weekend and you’re sure to spot a dramatic increase in strange creatures roaming around your neighbourhood – and we’re not just talking about the trick or treaters. Pokemon Go has a special Hallowe’en update, meaning you’ll be seeing much more of some of the more spooky entries in the Pokedex.

Between 26th October and 1st November, Pokemon Go players will find their neighbourhoods are packed with lots more Drowzees, Hypnos, Ghastlys, Haunters, Gengars, Golbats and Zubats – and maybe some other creepy favourites. Perfect for budding collectors.

In addition, the Hallowe’en update also increases the number of treats you’ll be able to collect. You’ll be able to bag yourself lots of candy, double the amount for catching or transferring Pokemon, and four times as much for walking with your Pokemon buddy!

We’ve done a little experimenting, and have discovered more of the spooky Pokemon are being attracted by incense at the moment. We’ve had Cubones, Ghastlys and more turn up so far…

This is the first time Pokemon Go has held a themed seasonal event, so we’re excited to see what they’ve got in store for us over Christmas and the New Year…

Top tips for Trick or Treating with Pokemon Go

There are bound to be lots of people out and about, so here are some good tips to help you have the most fun while staying safe.

  • Plan your route in advance

Plan out your route with your parents before you go. This way they can find you more easily if they need to, can help you choose the safest roads – and the ones likely to give you the most treats.

  • Keep your costume practical

There are costumes that are great for indoor parties, and costumes that are better for walking around in. Make sure you can move around easily, have comfortable footware and also don’t look too scary in case there are smaller children around.

  • Stay well lit

It’s important to make sure drivers and cyclists can see you in the dark, so make sure you stick to well-lit areas or carry torches.

  • Go in a group

As the saying goes, the more the merrier! Going out trick or treating and Pokemon hunting with your friends is lots of fun, and it’s even better if your parents can come with you.

  • Take a portable power bank

Don’t run out of battery power in the middle of your hunt! You can take a portable power bank and plug it in to charge up your phone if it looks like it might not last the distance.

  • Collect easily with a Pokemon Go Plus

 An essential for all keen Pokemon trainers, the Pokemon Go Plus lets you catch Pokemon without opening your phone. Simply wear it on your costume and tap the button when it tells you a Pokemon is near – it’ll take care of the rest.


Learn more about the Pokemon Go Powerbank here