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The Battle for
Osu Castle

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Open world action-adventure

Why Accra?

Now and then you’ll find a multiplayer map that gives Africa a look in. But as the setting for an entire game? Almost never. Ghana, and Accra in particular, would be a wonderful place to start. Here is a vibrant city on the Gulf of Guinea with rich history begging to be explored, and the kind of cultural diversity you simply don’t find in many places in the world.

High Concept

The Battle for Osu Castle follows the story of Nana Asamani, a real historical character who went from a humble villager to the king of the Akwamu people.

As history tells it, his defining moment came when he took over Osu Castle in 1693, which had previously been occupied by Danish colonisers. Asamani and his helpers disguised themselves as merchants and snuck inside the castle before seizing control. It was a historic coup for the Ghanaian people.

The game will follow Asamani from his humble beginnings to his rule as king. Picture a medievally-accurate story with RPG elements and a deep melee combat system as you level up Asamani bit by bit, with Assassin’s Creed an obvious point of reference.

A game set in Ghana would shine a much-needed spotlight on the African continent, bringing to life lesser-known historical stories.

Artwork by Dominik Zdenković