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The Last Hit

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Open world adventure

Why Bruges?

Bruges needs to be seen to be believed. It’s often called a “fairytale” city and one look at it confirms it’s the stuff of dreams: a very medieval dream, that is.

Bruges would work well as a setting for an open world game. Because it’s small, the developers would be able to concentrate on getting the tiniest details right, instead of having to manufacture scale at the expense of subtlety.

High Concept

You are the last of a dying breed: a man who specialises in a very specific kind of service. You lie low waiting for your target in the city of Bruges, which is waking up from a cold winter and enjoying the early spring sunshine. Days pass; you fraternise with the local townspeople, mindful not to make too big an impression. Word comes that the target is in town – you snap into gear, line up the shot, pull the trigger.

You scramble over rooftops, commandeer a boat down the canal, and wait out in a halfway house for the heat to die down. You emerge weeks later, a new identity in tow.

But soon you start to feel uneasy. You’re sure you’re being followed. It sits in your chest. A premonition that niggles away at you. Just then, you round the corner into the Belfry Market Square and look up to see your target alive and well.

What has gone wrong? Did you miss the shot? Have you been set up? The Last Hit takes place over four seasons – starting with spring and ending in the biting heart of winter – as you piece together the breadcrumbs and eventually face off with an old associate.

It goes without saying that a hitman-themed story set in Bruges is in a nod to the film In Bruges. Hitmen have also been done brilliantly in the Hitman series, and with locations like Sapienza, Marrakesh and Monaco already in the book, isn’t it time this medieval jewel in the European crown was next?

Artwork by Éva Kedves