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The Lost Treasure

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Open world exploration/action-adventure

Why Cape Town?

Whether it’s whale watching, a spot of golf, wine tasting, surfing or shopping, there’s a playground quality to Cape Town that would work wonderfully in a video game. Imagine getting up to mischief in a fully realised version of one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

High Concept

The Lost Treasure opens with the discovery of a treasure map drawn by early Dutch settlers. The map points the way to the largest haul of gold and silver in known history – and it’s hidden somewhere in sun-drenched Cape Town.

You play as Riley, a fun-loving Capetonian looking make your fortune and safeguard your family’s future.

Riley is an amateur treasure hunter in the vein of Nathan Drake, but this story takes place in a modern setting. Instead of tombs we have busy city streets, beaches, forested areas, a waterfront and long, winding roads. Instead of mysticism we have the all-too-lifelike reality of social media. In lampooning our obsession with our screens, the game will have parallels with Watch Dogs 2, while an enormous explorable map will offer Just Cause levels of expansiveness (except with fewer jungle environs and more city areas).

In fact, the city is your oyster. You’ll rub shoulders with a diverse cast of characters who’ll shed a light on Cape Town’s past. International audiences will taste a culture that’s familiar on the surface but layered with subtle differences in flavour.

Artwork by Éva Kedves