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The Trials

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First and third-person


Open world RPG

Why Chefchaouen?

Originally built as a base for Moroccan soldiers in the 15th century, Chefchaouen is better known today as Morocco’s blue city. In the right hands, the distinctive sky-blue houses could form the backdrop to a truly beautiful game, and because the city sits in the cradle of the Rif Mountains, all manner of environmental challenges could be designed for the player to overcome.

High Concept

Introducing a Cold War thriller in Morocco’s blue city, Chefchaouen, set in 1978.

At this point in history, Morocco is an important trading station for the Russians as Cold War tensions thicken.

You’re Madeline Strong, a US spy stationed in Morocco, reporting to US-based commander Geraldine Connaught.

Your mission is to tail Greg Andrews, an American agent Connaught believes has defected. Yet a chance encounter with Andrews complicates matters: Andrews asserts he has not defected, and that it is Connaught who is in bed with the Russians. Lure Connaught to Morocco, he says, and take her out.

The game takes place on the streets of Chefchaouen as you piece together clues and try to work out which side is telling the truth. You’ll undergo “trials” for both Connaught and Andrews before staking your allegiance to the leader you trust. Or, is there a third way? Choose wisely, because your decisions will ripple outwards, producing new wrinkles in the story you won’t see coming until it’s too late.

The Trials utilises both a first and third-person view, a la Riddick and Deus Ex, and incorporates an RPG skill tree as well as branching dialogue options.

Artwork by Dominik Zdenković