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Midnight Sun

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Open world adventure

Why Reykjavik?

With its Viking history, topography and striking architectural monuments, Reykjavik is an interesting city to bring to life.

Imagine picking your way through a fully realised rendition of Reykjavik before exploring its rural outskirts, where undulating mountains look like the relics of a long-lost world? The never-ending summer sun, streaked red at night, would be a further jolt to the system, and could be weaved in to the plot as a lone detective struggles to sleep in the face of the “midnight sun”.

High Concept

Introducing a noir thriller set in an open and explorable part of Reykjavik, as a private detective battles a bureaucratic police force, harsh terrain and an uncommunicative public.

With its first-person viewpoint and slow, methodical pace, Midnight Sun takes inspiration from “walking simulators” like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Firewatch, serving up an enormous world with a full-bodied narrative.

The basic story centres on Helena Forbes, a retired cop and private eye. She’s in Reykjavik to interview a young Icelandic boy who was abducted and then returned to his family. The police consider the case closed. But the boy is suffering from flashbacks of a deserted woodland cabin where he believes other children are being held.

The clues you discover can be pursued in almost any order, and the game will involve exploration, crime scene detection, open world driving and light survival elements. Survival? Yes, in the vein of games like The Sims or Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll need to look after Helena’s wellbeing and her relations with the local townspeople, lest she loses their trust.

Artwork by Éva Kedves