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Open world exploration/action-adventure

Why Sydney?

It’s a modern, bustling city with gorgeous beaches, prominent celebrities and shopping attractions galore. And no, it’s not Los Angeles. Perhaps because it’s situated on the other side of the world, Sydney has received short shrift from the game development community, getting some love in Forza Horizon 3, but never yet appearing as the setting for a traditional Grand Theft Auto-style crime caper. Might this change for the Cali of Oz?

High Concept

It’s 1995 and Dixon McFee is a harbour policeman who watches too much Miami Vice. You see him in his favourite white-on-white ensemble as he patrols the gorgeous Sydney harbour. Dixon has it good: a loving wife, a young family, a relatively benign routine. Best of all, he gets to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

But his cushy life is disrupted when a new drug is let loose and begins to flow through the veins of the young and wealthy. Dixon discovers his wife is hooked and that his half-brother, Ronan, is a member of the syndicate distributing the drug.

For Dixon, it’s now personal.

Here the game clicks into gear, letting you play as both Dixon and Ronan. You watch each man rationalise his actions and ruminate about the forces that drive him.

The bulk of the game keeps the brothers apart, but during three major story missions, you commandeer both characters as they cross paths. As Dixon, do you keep Ronan out of jail or bring the law down on him? And as Ronan, do you tip Dixon off when you suspect he’s in danger, or let him perish to further your own objectives?

The choices you make will determine the fate each man will face.

Artwork by Dominik Zdenković