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The End of the World

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Open world action-adventure

Why Ushuaia?

This cold, windswept part of South America subverts the stereotype that the continent is all sunny beaches.

Close to the tip of Antarctica, Ushuaia is a chilling setting evocative of a world before modern civilisation reigned.

High Concept

Ushuaia is literally the end of the world (or at the very least, the most southerly city on Earth), and there’s something primal about this cold and frostbitten stretch of land.

In this imagining, the sea is a lifeforce that needs feeding. In the vein of The Thing, messengers on land hide in plain sight by posing as humans, only to steal the children of the village at night and pull them into the ocean’s black depths.

You play as a fisherman or fisherwoman in the Fuegian tribe of the 1700s, tasked with protecting the village and outing these imposters from your midst. You travel far and wide on horseback to complete your mission, gazing upon snow-capped mountains and glacial rivers, and commandeering a rickety vessel into the water itself. The endgame takes place deep inside the belly of the ocean as you head into darkness to end the plague once and for all.

The End of the World is heavily influenced by tribal culture and mysticism, including the Fuegian tribe’s affinity for the humble hummingbird. The hummingbird was seen as a creature with God-like powers, and in the game, your pet hummingbird acts as a waypoint marker between missions.

Artwork by David Tilton