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When Night Comes

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Open world horror

Why Fort Monroe?

A decommissioned military base on the east coast of America, Fort Monroe is home to historic buildings that date back to Abraham Lincoln’s era – including the house Lincoln lived in while on the base. With only two roads connecting Fort Monroe with mainland United States, Fort Monroe is fertile ground for a claustrophobic story of entrapment and horror.

High Concept

In an unspecified future, the eastern flank of America has been decimated by bombs. They’ve wiped out homes, roads, bridges, people. Something in the bombs – a gas, a liquid, a chemical – has damaged our eyes; humans can no longer cope with sunlight. Those that survived the blasts live in almost perpetual darkness, skulking the world after sunset, night vision goggles in place.

Humanity’s sense of social decency is crumbling. Dark magic has come into vogue as people subject one another to horrors to find a cure; to placate “The Sun God”.

Only a few survivors have been left unaffected. The all-seeing are a small group living on the military base of Fort Monroe, which, because of the bombs, has been cut off from mainland America.

You, the player, scavenge supplies during the day and lock yourself away at night to avoid detection. Yet as the game opens, you receive word that you and your “family” (a group of eight men and women who have banded together in the aftermath of the tragedy) are being discussed by people on the mainland. More than that, the mainland’s populous know you have eyes capable of coping with the sun. And they’re coming for you.

The game spans 24 hours as you gear up for an assault, battening down the hatches as darkness descends. But when night comes, the greatest threat might not come from the mainland at all. As the stakes get raised, can you really trust those closest to you?

When Night Comes subverts traditional horror tropes by presenting humans, and humans alone, as the architects of terror.

Artwork by David Tilton