Which console is right for me?

Looking to get into console gaming? Here's what you need to know. 

20 Aug 2018


I want to spend less than £250

Both the PS4 Slim (500gb) and the Xbox One S (500gb) retail for less than £250, with the PS4 Slim at £249.99 and the Xbox One S at £229.99.

For that money you’ll get a console capable of playing the latest and greatest games, like Red Dead Redemption 2 and FIFA 19, but you won’t get the benefit of an ultra-sharp 4K image.

I have a 4K TV

To get the most out of your games, the PS4 Pro (£349.99) or the Xbox One X (£449.99) are the most powerful consoles on the planet, and ideal for owners of 4K televisions.

But even if you own a 1080p TV, you’ll notice a difference with the Pro or the X in your life. Games will look smoother, run better and boot faster.

I own an Xbox 360

If you’ve been reared on the likes of Gears of War and Forza all your gaming life and still have physical copies in a box somewhere, you’re in luck – those old games will work a treat on your Xbox One.

We published a guide on Xbox One backwards compatibility earlier this month, so check it out to see which of your old games will still be playable.

What is the difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X?  

The Xbox One X is a mid-to-late-generation update with a faster 2.3GHz CPU, a whopping 12 GB of RAM (4 gigabytes more than its cousins) and a 1TB hard drive standard. It has nearly five times the number of teraflops of GPU performance than the S and the standard Xbox One, giving it the muscle to play games in 4K.

When it comes to the basic Xbox One and the S, the differences are largely physical: the S sports a slim, compact design, making it an easier fit in your home.

I’ve typically been a PlayStation gamer

Though Sony doesn’t offer backwards compatibility (in other words, PS3 games won’t work on your PS4) the Japanese software giant is remastering its classic titles, such as the early Uncharted games and Shadow of the Colossus. If you played them back in their heyday, you’ll be pleased to know they’re looking – and playing – better than ever on Sony’s latest console.

What is the difference between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro?

The PS4 Pro is a mid-generation update with a faster 2.1GHz CPU, a 1 GB increase in RAM (9 GB in total) and just over double the number of teraflops of GPU performance than the PS4/Slim. The Pro is designed to take advantage of the 4K TVs that are commonly found in the home today.

The PS4 and the PS4 Slim are identical to one another, save for the Slim’s smaller body, which means it weighs 1.2 kilograms less.

I want to enjoy VR

If your idea of fun is strapping a virtual reality headset in place and turning your living room into a 360-degree playground, you’ll want the Sony PlayStation. The VR headset can be purchased from £259.99. By contrast, the Xbox One doesn’t offer VR support.

I want to watch UHD Blu-ray

If you’re a movie junkie who wants home cinema fidelity at the highest resolution possible, you’ll want to plumb for any of the consoles in the Xbox One family, which come with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The PlayStation 4 lets you play Blu-ray and DVDs, but not the Ultra HD variety.

I want to play on the move

Let’s give some love to Nintendo’s body-contorting, controller-swapping Switch! This beautifully designed console can literally go with you anywhere, so whether you’re looking to kill some time during that annoying Tube journey or want to distract yourself on a long-haul flight, the Switch has you covered. And thanks to its docking base, included in the retail package, you can hook the Switch up to your TV in seconds too.