Why Gravity Rush on the PS4 will hit new gaming heights

The iconic Gravity Rush is coming to the PlayStation 4 – find out why the gaming world is excited…

With a central character able to defy the laws of physics and soar through the sky, Gravity Rush was one of the most exhilarating games to be released on the PlayStation Vita.

Now it’s been announced that the cult game is on its way to PlayStation 4, alongside a new sequel.

Gravity Rush Cartoon

What’s all the fuss about?

Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 will both feature heroine Kat, a young girl who must use her powers to battle the mysterious creatures threatening the floating city of Hekseville.

Kat has lost her memory, so has no idea where her high-flying abilities have come from – and the presence of a mysterious cat called Dusty doesn’t seem to help matters.

Both titles will have the unique, open-world gameplay used in the original, which lets you explore every inch of the city, whether it’s soaring up skyscrapers or plunging into the sewers below.

But these new games will make full use of the incredible graphics power of the PlayStation 4 for an even more thrilling experience.

Gravity Rush

What made the first game so special?

  • Beautiful artwork: The design of the original game on the PlayStation Vita was inspired by French comic books. It makes for an incredibly detailed world. It’s built across several levels too, so you can explore above and below as well as round about you.
  • Open-world gameplay: Unlike most games, in which the background is used for scenery only, Gravity Rush allowed players to go anywhere: See what’s going on in that building in the distance. Kat’s gravity-defying skills let you fly from place to place at the tap of a button.
  • Interactive controls: Using the motion-sensor controls of the PS Vita, you were able to look at the world from all angles. Whether you were hurtling through the sky or talking to someone on the ground, you could get a new perspective on things simply by moving the console.

How will the new Gravity Rush make use of PS4 features?

While the remastered version isn’t due until February next year, with the sequel to follow shortly afterwards, they’re both sure to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s great features.

The innovative control features of the original made lots of use of the PS Vita's unique touchscreen functions. The PS4 version lets you use the controler's touchpad for dodging, but you can also use the R1 and R2 buttons. This also applies to the "Gravity Slide" move, and some have commented the PS4 version feels more intuitive to control.

Defining the direction of gravity is simple too - you either use the control sticks or tilt the controler to "aim" gravity.

The visuals will be brought to life with the powerful PS4 processor and they’ll also benefit from being shown on the big screen, rather than the handheld monitor of the Vita.

Fans are also speculating about how the new titles will use the PS4’s share functions, which could allow players to record their journeys up, down and around Hekseville and then send them to a friend.

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