Will HTC’s Viveport store change the world of VR apps?

Find VR apps for everything from shopping and travel to films, Facebook and news with HTC’s new app store

15 Aug 2016


“Virtual reality is going to change the world,” according to HTC Vive’s vice president Rikard Stelber.

Viveport - its new VR app store - may do just that. Here you’ll find apps for education and entertainment, right through to travel, shopping and creative tools. One thing’s for sure, it’s about a whole lot more than just gaming.

HTC Vive headset

What is Viveport?

According to its creators, Viveport is here to make VR accessible to the masses. Whether it’s for watching films or connecting with friends and family, it’ll put cool new VR apps and experiences at your fingertips to use with your HTC Vive headset.

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With Viveport, you can enjoy a host of VR content across categories including:

  • Information and education
  • Entertainment
  • Social media
  • News and sports
  • Health, travel and shopping


How is it different to Steam? 

Viveport is being pitched as an alternative to Steam – which currently makes VR games for HTC Vive. 

Sound familiar? Steam is behind the huge online store that allows you to download and buy games for your PC, and connect with other gamers through the Steam Community.

The company teamed up with HTC to create a series of VR games to play on Vive. With them you can seek out killer robots in action-adventure game Budget Cuts, fight zombies in your living room with Arizona Sunshine and defend a virtual pirate ship in space in the futuristic Space Pirate Trainer. To name a few…

As you can imagine, it’s mostly associated with gaming, although it was actually behind educational VR apps like Tilt Brush and Apollo 11.

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Credit: HTC

Instead Viveport will include a much broader range of VR categories – serving as a one-stop shop to find content for your Vive headset.

So why the change in direction? Until recently, VR was mostly seen as tech for gamers. But we’re seeing more and more ways it can be used to enhance our everyday lives.

New uses for the technology are popping up all the time, and developers are keen to get on board. Take Samsung Bedtime Stories – which lets parents read their child a virtual story, wherever they are in the world.

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Meanwhile IMAX has developed a special VR camera, and Samsung is opening a virtual reality film studio in New York.

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When can I get it?

Viveport is still in its developer stage right now. The full version will be rolling out later in the year so keep your eyes peeled.

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