Will virtual reality change the way we game?

Virtual reality games were the big hit at Paris Games Week – with VR demonstrations from PS4 VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

11 Sep 2015


The thought of having virtual reality (or VR as it’s sometimes called) in our homes used to feel like a futuristic dream.

But headsets have become more affordable and accessible in the past few years. Now it seems VR gaming experiences are well on the way to our living rooms.

At Paris Games Week PlayStation, HTC and Oculus all showcased their VR headsets and offered fans a chance to try out the new tech.

So is the VR the future of gaming? Here’s what we know so far…


There’s already been a lot of buzz about PlayStation’s VR headset. And at the conference, Sony revealed plans to put itself at the forefront of virtual reality gaming.


(Image source: Parisgamesweek.com)

PS4 VR connects to your console through a hub. You can track your movements with the PlayStation camera and handheld Sony Move controllers – although it also works with a standard DualShock for PlayStation 4.

Sony gave us a taste of the 8 games coming soon to PS4 VR – including The London Heist, RIGS and Battlezone.

We also learned that PS4 VR won’t just be for individual play – Sony announced players will be able to interact with one another with multiple headsets. One of these multiplayer games is RIGS Mechanized Combat League – a futuristic arena shooter.

Other games we now know are coming to PS4 VR are:

  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – a new shooter built for VR
  • Robinson: The Journey – an adventure game set on a mystery planet
  • Tekken 7 for PS4 – compatible with the headset or as a standalone game on PS4

Watch this space though, it’s rumoured Sony will be announcing more.

HTC Vive

Another big name at Games Week was HTC – its Vive headset picked up the Best Accessory award.


(image source: geeky gadgets)

There are three parts to HTC Vive – a headset, location sensors and two SteamVR control sticks that track your movements. Vive also has:

  • a head-mounted display to interact with the virtual reality world around you
  • tracked controllers to view your surroundings from every angle
  • a built-in location tracking system that matches your movements with complete accuracy in gameplay

Like Sony, HTC had playable VR demonstrations on show. One of these was first-person shooter John Wick, as well as the immersive Job Simulator and apocalyptic zombie game Arizona Sunshine.

Oculus Rift

Oculus was the third name to get everyone talking at Games Week. The tech start-up company is a VR gaming pioneer – it unveiled its Rift headset in 2013.

Oculus -rift -consumer -edition

(Image source: Techcrunch)

With a display designed specifically with VR in mind, Rift is one of the most immersive headsets going. You can also expect:

  • incredible graphics with a wide field of view
  • customisable headset – adapt it to your own requirements
  • touch controllers that follow your movements and make you feel like you’re actually there

We already know Minecraft will be available on Rift, as well as a selection of classic arcade games.

Oculus dropped a few more titles to get us excited – with shooter games Dead & Buried and first person Bullet Train available to try out on the show floor.

As well as gaming, Oculus has also developed Medium – a unique artistic VR platform that allows you to work on creative projects either individually or on multiplayer mode.

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