Xbox One and PS4 – the games

Here´s the lowdown on a couple of the titles for Xbox One and PS4 which grabbed the headlines during E3

So we've heard all about the next-gen consoles of E3 but what about the games they're designed to run?

Both Sony and Microsoft came out all guns blazing on the gaming front in their glitzy E3 press shows.

The graphics on display for both PS4 and Xbox One sent our jaws plummeting to the ground - and we've only just been able to pick them back up.

Now we'll give you the lowdown and - more importantly a sneak peek - at a couple of the titles for each console grabbing the headlines this week.
Dead Rising 3 - Xbox One

This open-world zombie adventure for Xbox One grabbed us by the lapels and demanded we take notice of its blend of stunning next-gen graphics and respected gaming heritage.


(Credit: Xbox Wire)

Gamers will be blown away by the interactive world of Los Perdidos, which can be roamed and explored at will, with shops to wander and zombies to mow down.

The Zombies come in many different guises, too - there's even a Paris Hilton one. Equally as plentiful are weapons. They can be combined; imagine a shotgun which also shoots grenades.

Ryse: Son of Rome - Xbox One

Another title to blow our socks off during Xbox One's presentation was Ryse: Son of Rome, an exclusive title from Crytek.  

This sprawling historical epic set in Roman times blends third-person hack-and-slash action with QTEs (quick-time events).
You're cast as a Roman solider who has to battle through a series of bloody fights with exceptionally rendered foe, armed with a majestic Roman gladius sword.

Project Ryse

(Credit: Xbox Wire)

The graphics are awesome; with gamers saying they were sucked into the characters' world by the extremely detailed landscapes and scenes.

Another Halo - Xbox One

It was hardly the biggest surprise when Microsoft revealed another Halo would accompany Xbox One.

A trailer from 343 Industries was shown off during the Xbox One press show at E3, with a launch date of 2014. The graphics, naturally, looked amazing.

However, those assuming they had just seen Halo 5 may have jumped the gun. Microsoft has now said the Master Chief cameo we saw on Monday wasn't Halo 5 but a commitment to letting us know a new Halo game was in the pipeline.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer told Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine: "We haven't named the game yet. It was just purely, 'Halo is coming' and we wanted to give it a date. This was just more about confirming that 343 are making a real Halo game, a first person shooter, coming in 2014."

Killzone: Shadow Fall - PlayStation 4

Gaming experts at the Guardian have already said they think this game from Guerrilla will be the key PS4 launch title - the "one everyone will buy".

And we're inclined to agree with them.

_bm Uploads _2013-02-21_1457_KZ4_Blast6

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

The latest instalment in the first-person shooter franchise boasts breathtaking graphics. Gamers take control of a Shadow Marshal, and work their way around the flare and fire-ravaged landscape with a number of weapons and tools at their disposal. These include a zip line, and an OWL drone which can be dispatched to tackle enemies.

The Order: 1886 - PlayStation 4

Like its title suggests, the Order is set in Victorian London. Only it's not like any rendition of 1800s England you've seen before, for the one created by Ready At Dawn studios is overrun with monster-like creatures.

Of course, gamers aren't expected to fend off the beasts with their bare hands - a series of weapons are made available. Among them are shotguns and pistols, which look pretty futuristic for the period setting.

Players take control of Galahad in the third-person action adventure, which blends various types of gameplay experience and combat scenes. The Order is a group made up of Galahad and three other characters, and the Industrial Revolution has recently given them an advantage in their ongoing battle with a "powerful and ancient foe"

Of course, that's just a small selection of the PS4 and Xbox One games we were introduced to at E3 - what were your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.