Xbox One given release date and games, and new Xbox 360 launched

Microsoft revealed when Xbox One will be available during a press show in Los Angeles alongside a stack of games and a refreshed Xbox 360 console

10 Jun 2013


Gamers have been counting down the days 'til E3 to find out more on Xbox One, and Microsoft didn't disappoint.

The tech giant revealed when Xbox One will be available and what it will cost during a press show in Los Angeles.

Xbox One June 10 2 (2)

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The LA keynote speech from Microsoft came at the start of the annual E3 gaming expo and hours before a press show from Sony for its next-gen PS4 console.

Microsoft said Xbox One will be available from November, costing £429.

Monday's show came after Xbox One was first introduced to the world last month at an event that focused on the console's capabilities as an "all-in-one" entertainment hub covering games, movies, music and TV.

E3 - all about the games

At that first event gamers were told E3 would be "all about the games" - something reaffirmed by Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division, at the start of Monday's keynote.

A number of Xbox One games were unveiled, with legendary franchises such as Metal Gear Solid and Halo alongside a clutch of new titles.

Gamers were treated to some gameplay clips of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, which features vocals from Hollywood legend Keifer Sutherland in the role of the Snake.

Zombie game DeadRising 3 showcased indestructible environments and masses of improvised weapons, while motorsport title Forza 5 was also among the titles shown off.

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It was also revealed the follow-up to Halo 4 would be released next year, with the 343 Industries title featuring cloud-based gaming.

Meanwhile, first-person shooter Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome will take Xbox One gamers to Ancient Rome in a sweeping historical epic which makes use of Xbox's new timeline mode.

People will also be able to share their joypad sessions with fellow gamers thanks to Twitch, which was among the features detailed in LA.

Xbox One - full of promise

Video games expert Daniel Krupa, who writes for entertainment website IGN, said Xbox One has "bags of functionality and promise".

He added: "Microsoft's wide array of games was a clear statement of intent for those who worried it might focus too heavily on the entertainment features.

"They have significantly invested in a wide range of gaming experiences, from triple-A blockbusters to quieter indie titles, and games for kids."

Xbox 360 gets a One-like makeover

The E3 press show also saw a newly refreshed Xbox 360 launched, with a design based on the Xbox One.

Microsoft said the new 360 is available to buy from now in the US.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's vice president of marketing and strategy, says the updated Xbox 360 is "smaller, sleeker and as quiet as ever."

Microsoft said hundreds of new games are still coming to Xbox 360, even though it first launched nearly a decade ago.

The console has sold a reported 77 million around the world.

Xbox One - a few key features

Xbox One was first unveiled at Microsoft's US headquarters in Redmond, Washington, last month.

Featuring voice and gesture control, Xbox One also allows users to make video calls via Skype - even when in the middle of a game.

Another major feature is an upgraded Kinect sensor which allows the device to better analyse body movements.

Microsoft says it can detect a user's heartbeat.

Next-gen gaming goes social

Meanwhile, Daniel Krupa went on to say both Microsoft and Sony had made social a key element of next-gen gaming, highlighting features allowing gamers to broadcast their sessions online.

Sony was due to offer gamers a first complete view of its new PS4 at E3 later, following a sneak preview in New York in February which revealed some key details but not the console.