Xbox Project Scorpio and PlayStation Pro – the next generation of games consoles

Xbox Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo are the next generation of the original next-gen consoles – PS4 and Xbox One. So, what can we expect from the latest releases?

09 Sep 2016


Xbox One S

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The next generation of games consoles

When the Xbox Project Scorpio was revealed at E3 this year, Microsoft described it as ‘the world’s most powerful console’.

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Now Sony has officially announced its new console – the PlayStation 4 Pro – at an event in New York. The PS4 Pro aims to ‘deliver innovation in the form of cutting-edge visuals and graphics,’ according to PlayStation’s Andrew House.  

So how do they compare? Here’s everything you need to know…


4K gaming and processing oomph

4K TVs are becoming the norm for anyone upgrading their television. So it’s perhaps natural that both consoles support 4K gaming.

With a PlayStation 4 Pro and a 4K TV you can enjoy games that ‘look richer and more detailed’. The console has more than double the graphics and processing power of the regular PS4. 

Do you have a new 4K HDR TV? PS4 Pro gets the best from HDR tech. HDR vastly increases the range of colours, and creates sharper contrast between black and white. Expect games that look ‘much closer to the way your eyes see the real world,’ says Sony. 

Xbox Project Scorpio too has been specially geared for 4K, with 6 teraflops of computing capability for handling 4K resolutions. To put it into perspective, the Xbox One has just 1.32 teraflops. It also has a seriously powerful graphics processor. In fact, Microsoft says it’s ‘the most powerful graphics processor that’s been put into a game console’.

‘The box we are creating is incredible,’ says an Xbox spokesperson. ‘It’s going to have 8 CPU cores, over 320GB per second of memory bandwidth…’


VR compatibility

It’s not just about 4K though. Enhanced graphics and greater horsepower mean both consoles are capable of supporting VR gaming. With it, you’ll get a new type of experience where you’re fully immersed in the virtual world of the game. 

Sony is releasing the PlayStation VR headset later this year – and the PlayStation 4 Pro will work with it. PlayStation 4 Pro will ‘deliver on the promise of virtual reality with the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR,’ says Sony.

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PlayStation VR

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Microsoft hasn’t given any word on what headset Project Scorpio will use but it’ll likely pair with an existing one like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to harness the console’s capabilities.

Iconic game Fallout 4 is being moved to VR, and its creator said ‘to have a console that can support that at the resolution and speed we really want… will be magical’. He is talking about Xbox Project Scorpio.


What games can I play?

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro are enhanced versions of their predecessors. So any games that come out should work on both generations of the console.

The only difference is that with the newer consoles you’ll be able make the most of the extra power to play games in a much higher resolution – as well as access any VR content that’s released. Microsoft has promised gamers access to all the games they’re familiar with when Project Scorpio launches, as well as the Xbox Live community.

Wheat about PlayStation 4 Pro? Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Horizon: Zero Dawn are among the upcoming PS4 games having PS4 Pro enhancements built-in to them. Existing PS4 games are being redeveloped and released too to get the best from the PS4 Pro.


What about 4K streaming and Blu-ray?

If you have a 4K TV you’re most likely to want to watch 4K programmes and movies too. With the Xbox Project Scorpio you’ll be able to watch proper 4K Blu-rays as well as stream in 4K from Netflix. With PlayStation 4 Pro you can stream in 4K from Netflix and YouTube – but there’s no support for 4K Blu-ray.


When can I get it?

PlayStation 4 Pro is set to be released in November 2016. Microsoft says Project Scorpio will be out in time for Christmas 2017.

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