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Happy Xbox reveal day everyone! Yes, that´s right, today is the day that we can finally check out what Microsoft has in store for its upcoming games console, so be sure to join our live stream from 6pm to find out all of the latest happenings from Microsoft´s Redmond HQ.

17.15:  Happy Xbox reveal day everyone! Yes, that's right, today is the day that we can finally check out what Microsoft has in store for its upcoming games console, so be sure to join our live stream from 6pm to find out all of the latest happenings from Microsoft's Redmond HQ. We'll even be live blogging on this page, so be sure to join in with the discussion when the action starts.

So if you're keen to find out all of the Xbox reveal news, be sure to join us at 6pm on this very page. For the time being though, be sure to let us know what you expect to see and what you want to see in the comments below.

17.23:  If you're excited (a bit like me!) you may want to read up on a few articles before the event:


17.44:  So... let's talk games. There are strong rumours about a Fable MMO, a new Alan Wake, Forza 5, and Respawn's Titan being exclusive to Xbox. I also really hope that Microsoft show us that they're working with smaller, indie developers. I mean, some of the best games on the 360 are XBLA games... I'm thinking Bastion, Braid, Mark of the Ninja, Castle Crashers, and Super Meat Boy. Let's hope that these guys aren't overlooked.

It's also likely that we'll see a lot of Battlefield today, with Microsoft and EA working closely together at the moment. 

17.46: But Microsoft have said that they'll be showing of games at E3, so maybe we won't see too much outside of the core franchises (COD, Fifa etc.).

17.47:  We'll probably see another Kinect Sports too...

17.50:  I hope we get to see what Black Tusk are working on.

17.55:  5 Minutes!!!!!!!!!!

18.01:  Here we go... loads of flashing lights and loud music. The Xbox reveal is fully underway at the Microsoft campus.

18.03:  Me and my TV are going to be pals... recognise my face and voice apparently. ALIVE!

18.03:  Don Mattrick on the stage now...

18.06:  Mattrick talking about both core and casual gamers. Emphasis on the living room, Microsoft clearly want people to have the Xbox as an all in one entertainment system. Games, TV, movies, apps etc.

18.07:  Xbox One. It's official. Seen the box. "All in one entertaiment system".

Xbox One Reveal

18.08:  Loud cheers. Controller looks pretty similer on first glance.

18.10:  Xbox switches on by voice. Recognises your voice, logs in to your account instantly.

18.12:  Can watch live TV on Xbox. Just say "Xbox watch TV" and it goes to live TV.

18.12:  Watch TV, play games, surf the net, listen to music without switching inputs. It's super quick too. Looks brilliant if I'm honest.

18.15:  Skype on Xbox One. It was always as solid bet since Microsoft bought them out. Can watch a movie on one part of the screen and Skype some one the other part of the screen in "Snap Mode".

18.17:  Xbox One has a TV guide. Can navigate with voice and see what's trending.

18.20:  Marc Whitten taking the stage. Talking about tech... futureprooofing, the cloud etc. He's showing us under the hood now.

18.20: 8GB RAM, Blu Ray.
18.21:  3 operating system in 1. Xbox, Windows, and the third for multitasking. 
18.23:  Talking about the new Kinect. 1080p wider field capture on living room. 
18.24:  New D-Pad!
18.25:  Smart devices will be native to the Xbox One. Can use phone/ tablet to control your console.
18.26:  New Xbox Live... 300,000 servers for Xbox One.
18.27:  Content available and stored in the cloud. There's also a share button similar to the PS4 so you can show off your skills to your mates. Whitten also talking about bigger matches and living in persistent worlds. 
18.28:  Andrew Wilson from EA. Talking about a strategic partnership with EA and Microsoft.
18.29:  Fifa, Madden, UFC, and NBA games. Powered by brand-new EA Sports Ignite engine.
18.31:  Messi making an appearence... nice of him.
18.34:  Exclusive content on Xbox One for Fifa 14.
18.35:  Gameplay footage looks great. But why is Messi scoring a header, he scored many goals, but rarely a header.
18.36:  Phil Spencer on the stage. Hopefully he will talk about exclusives.
18.37:  New Forza announced. Little suprise there, but definately looking forward to getting my hands on it.
18.37:  Close up of the sexy looking McClaren... nice. Available at launch.


18.40:  New Remedy game... what is it?!? It's a new IP!!!! Quantum Break.
18.41:  Looks big, and interesting. Hopefully we'll see gameplay footage at E3.
18.42:  8 brand new IPs and 15 exclusive games in first year. Spencer talking a lot about exclusives.
18.43:  Nancy Tellem taking the stage. Talking specifically about TV.
18.44:  Bonnie Ross, Head of 343 on the stage. Halo please!!!!
18.45:  Live action Halo TV series. Created by 343 and Steve Spielberg. Good effort Microsoft. 
18.50: Don Mattrick is back.
18.51:  Xbox One out later this year. No specifics.
18.53:  World premier of Call of Duty. All DLC to launch on Xbox One first.
18.55:  CoD: Ghosts. Behind the scens at Infinity Ward now.
18.56:  Ghosts. You're the underdog. New world. You'll have a dog in your team. New engine. New weapons.
18.58:  Multiplayer evolving. Dynamic maps. Character customisation. 
18.59:  Side by side comparison of MW3 and Ghosts. It looks impressive. Far better textures... hair, bruising, cuts on arms. Dirt under fingernails. 
19.01:  In-engine gameplay footage. Game set in a ruined America. Loads of set piece, loads of explosions.
19.03:  And that's all folks. More games to be showed at E3, it seems like they were keen to show the hardware and infrastructure. But E3 will be all about games!

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