Hands on with Nvidia Shield TV at CES 2017

Nvidia have been powering gaming PCs with a range of graphics cards that have taken visuals to a new high, but now they’ve produced something a little different. The new version of Nvidia Shield TV looks set to tackle all your entertainment needs, streaming movies, music and games at high speed.

24 Jan 2017


From the Roku to Amazon Fire, there are plenty of streaming devices on the market right now, so it takes something truly extraordinary to stand out from the crowd. With a boost in power, yet 40% smaller than the previous version, the updated Nvidia Shield TV has a number of excellent features up its sleeve that could position it at the centre of your Smart home.

Firstly, the video streaming is superb. Using Android TV, the Shield TV provides a large range of video on demand services to choose from. You’ll get all the usual suspects, including Netflix and Amazon Video, plus lots of other apps such as Disney, iPlayer and Google Play.

The interface is really nicely designed, building up recommendations from a variety of apps that are inspired by your viewing history. You’ve also got a good range of music apps such as Spotify and Deezer.


But the really exciting thing about the Nvidia Shield TV is its gaming capabilities. You’ll be able to play Android TV titles, which tend to be slightly older games or ports of popular mobile games. However, you can also stream titles from Nvidia’s GeForce Now service or directly from your PC via GameStreaming.

The Shield TV looks very much like a mini games console, and comes with its own Xbox-style controller, so playing games is a great experience. Using the games streaming services, you’ll be able to play over 150 titles such as Witcher 3, Hitman, Mad Max and many of the Lego games – all without having to own a separate PC. The games are powered by Nvidia Pascal GPUs in the cloud, giving you up to four times the performance of a PS4 and letting you play intensive games like Shadow Warrior 2 in 4K with HDR.


Whatever your entertainment choice, Nvidia Shield TV uses Google Voice Search to make it easy to find what you want. Simply say what you want – anything from “Show me a Tarantino movie” or “Show me films with the girl from The Hunger Games” to “Play Tomb Raider” or “Stranger Things”.

View the Nvidia Shield TV here