How to host the perfect match day party

The summer of football promises to be a cracker. If you’re planning to invite family and friends over to share in the excitement, follow our tips for hosting the ultimate footie fest…

26 Apr 2018


 Match day party

As you gear up for the big match, there’s plenty to think about - is your living room set up for the best view? Are you getting the most from your TV’s sound? Can you knock up some tasty snacks and drinks?

You’ll be on to a winner with these tips to keep your guests happy, even if the same can’t be said for the team you’re supporting…


Getting set up

You’ve invited everyone over to watch the match but crowding a lot of people round the telly can be tricky. You want your guests to get a good view of the action without having to crane their necks.

Prevent arguments over dad nabbing the sweet spot by arranging your living room so that everyone can see.

Here’s how to set up your living room for watching football using the best seat in the house formula.

Sitting on the floor for 90 minutes or more isn’t going to be comfortable, so bring some chairs in from the kitchen or put down some cushions if you’re stuck for extra seats.

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Tune the TV and dim the lights

In anticipation of this summer’s tournament, you might have invested in a brand new set. If so, you’ll want to make sure your TV is tuned correctly to get the best picture quality.

What are the best TV settings for watching football?

Get the best sound quality

Get the best sound quality

If you’re not at the game in person you can do the next best thing – recreate the stadium atmosphere at home with an audio-enhancing sound system.

Feel the roar of the crowd from every direction with a multi-room home audio system, with speakers placed strategically around your living room. Or go for a high quality soundbar to boost your TV’s audio by creating a surround sound effect.

Find out how to choose the right home cinema setup for you 

Snacks and drinks

Keep guests happy with snacks and drinks

What with the highs and lows of watching cracking goals, red-card tackles and dismal penalties, all that shouting over the telly can leave you parched. Be sure to stock up on beers. Keep them to hand in an American-style fridge-freezer – with plenty of shelf space for your weekly shop, too.

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If you’re feeling more creative, a footie fest is a great opportunity to have some fun with your snacks and drinks. Why not rustle up some tasty but healthy chips in an ActiFry?

Get the Tefal ActiFry Plus

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Or knock up some burgers and hotdogs with the Tefal Optigrill, and take your party outside during half-time.

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Add some extra entertainment

No one wants to hear bored voices talking over the action, so it might be an idea to have an area in another room for less enthusiastic guests. Weather permitting, you could even set up a mini goalpost outside so the kids can have a kickabout – perhaps some of the grown-up kids will join in too.

After the final whistle has blown, you could even create your own footie tournament with FIFA on PlayStation or Xbox – and challenge your mates to see if they really are more skilful than Ronaldo.


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