INFOGRAPHIC: Fun festive facts

How long is the world´s longest Christmas cracker? How many cards do we send at Christmas? What are the most watched Christmas movies? Read on to find out the answers to these and more fun festive facts about Christmas...

02 Dec 2013


Christmas is a busy time of year, and not just because we find ourselves panicking trying to find the perfect gifts to buy our loved ones either. There's the time we spend attending parties, visiting relatives, writing cards to long-lost friends, and putting up flashy decorations too.

Then there's the amount of money we spend on gifts, food and drinks. Have you ever actually taken the time to work out how much you spend over the festive period? Christmas is expensive business if you think about it and it's hard to calculate exactly how much you're spending over 30 days of fun, frolics and whatnot…

Ah well, it is Christmas after all, a time for festive cheer and all that, so you can be excused for a little indulgence once every year. 

Yet, if you do want to put Christmas extravagance into some context, we can help. We've created this little infographic staked full of cracking Christmas facts about our typical behaviour during the festive period. Like did you know that we watch five and half hours of television per day during the festive period, or that 28% of us tend to stick on Home Alone at some point in December? Nope…we bet you didn't.

Find more cracking Christmas facts below! And some cracking television deals here to enjoy your festive movies on.

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