LG unveils new products that ThinQ at CES 2018

LG kicked off 2018 with some huge news about artificial intelligence and bigger, brighter televisions that can even order you a pizza.

30 Oct 2018


And they're available here now: LG OLED Thinq TVs


First look: LG Thinq (January, 2018)

Artificial intelligence was the top theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, with every manufacturer racing to capitalise on the success of personal voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

This morning (08/01/18) it was LG’s turn to show off the latest additions to their product family, and, as expected, AI and voice control was the biggest attraction. Here’s what you can expect from LG in 2018...

LG ThinQ

Every product has AI baked in

In 2017, LG made headlines when they announced that every single product they released was going to be Wi-Fi compatible. This year, they’ve announced that on top of Wi-Fi, every product will have their new Artificial Intelligence standard LG ThinQ as standard.

Products with ThinQ will learn more about your needs as you use the products over time. Say, for example, ThinQ learns from your diary that you have football every Saturday. It can program your LG washing machine to a sports setting automatically when you get home, so all you need to do is put your muddy kit inside and press go.

You can relax in front of the TV, because when the cycle's over, it will send an alert to the TV screen asking you to move the washing into the dryer. And the washing machine will then instruct the dryer to change to a sports setting too. That’s the magic of AI and machines that speak to each other.

LG TV CES 2018

Your TV can order a pizza

LG’s gorgeous, world’s thinnest W OLED TV was the stand out television of CES 2017. So this year, the new W8 is more evolutionary than revolutionary. The biggest news is the inclusion of Google Assistant, which you access by talking into the remote.

While you’re watching television, you’ll be able to access Google Assistant to catch up with news and weather, view maps and get translations. You’ll also be able to order a pizza through Dominos, and your TV can order an Uber, all through voice control.

A subtle little box comes up at the bottom of the screen, so it won't interrupt the action.


Crisper, clearer and faster

LG’s 2018 AI OLED TV range has the new Alpha 9 processor, which offers 50% more powerful image and data processing. This powers the new artificial intelligence, gives some impressive improvements in picture quality and means your television will respond blisteringly fast.

The 4K cinema HDR screens offer seven times more colour points for better colour quality and clarity. And the new object based enhancer works its magic to improve the texture and edges of objects on screen, creating more natural looking images.

The televisions also have Dolby Atmos built in as standard, for deliciously rich, powerful sound. And activate the new Gallery Mode to get beautiful artworks and travel scenes displayed on your television when it’s on standby.

LG's Cloi

The robots are coming

Last year, LG announced its cute little robot Cloi - which is their version of a smart speaker, just much more interactive.

Cloi also had some practical business uses too. Larger versions of the robot become Guides at Seoul’s Incheon Airport. And this year, LG has expanded their use to hotels. The Serving Robot can bring room service, towels and newspapers to your room. Porter Robot can carry your bags. And the new Supermarket Robot will scan products as you add them to its trolley, and then help you check out when you’re finished.


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