New Item

07 Jun 2012


The Sony briefing at E3 followed on where Xbox left off. My predictions of a hardware announcement or a price drop on the Vita did not come to fruition. It was all about software for all ages and an intriguing new accessory called the Wonderbook. 

The first title was called Beyond which is a title from the makers of Heavy Rain. It looks like a cinematic masterpiece with a great immersive story that adapts based on the decisions a player makes. You play a young girl who is linked to a spirit presence that gives her terrifying supernatural powers. Not one for the feint hearted. 



Whoops of delight were audible when the announcement of exclusive COD and Assassins Creedtitles were announced for the PSVita out in november. This is what the console needs and if we can get a price drop it could be a top Xmas gift

The next product shown was a new augmented reality product called Wonderbook which with use of  the Move camera brings the book to life. The Book of Spells game makes new an interactive member of hogwarts as JK Rowling has been involved in the product. My guess is that this will be the must have family gaming product this Xmas. 

The end of show gave a teaser of a game called The Last of Us  where you play a father and daughter fighting to survive in a post apocalyptic world. The game looked immense but extremely violent and, like Beyond, would not be one to play with the lights turned off. 

My view is that Sony aced Xbox on software but as neither party made hardware announcements that has given the Wii U open water for a November launch.