NEWS: New High-density Displays Unveiled

16 May 2011


Dixons1105161245261-1.jpgThe next generation of tablet devices could come with even sharper LCD screens, as manufacturers Samsung and LG announce advancements in display technology.
Samsung is poised to unveil its new tablet-optimised 10.1in 300ppi screen, with a resolution of 2650×1600, at a trade show in Los Angeles next week.
Rival LG is also planning to showcase its high-density screen at the SID display conference and the two are likely to create a similar buzz that greeted the arrival of the iPhone 4 “retina” display.
Apple’s screen at 326 ppi and 960×640 pixels on a 3.5in screen offers one of the highest resolutions for a portable gadget.
The latest announcement has also rekindled rumours that the next iPad could feature the long-awaited retina equivalent technology.
While tablet devices with high-density LCDs have the advantage of super-sharp screens, their processors also need to step up their power output.