Samsung goes Ultra HD at CES 2013

Samsung stole the headlines with an absolute goody bag of sexy tech encompassing everything from TVs to tablets and fridges to cameras

08 Jan 2013


Those in the know were touting Samsung's press conference as one of the most hotly anticipated of CES 2013.

CES Images Samsung Presser 1

The hundreds upon hundreds of journalists whom lined the huge corridor at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in a truly spectacular queue were expecting something big in return, and that's exactly what they got - in glorious Ultra HD.

Samsung stole the headlines with an absolute goody bag of sexy tech encompassing everything from TVs to tablets and fridges to cameras. But it was really all about the telly, with Samsung claiming it had developed TVs with "the power to create the ultimate lean-back experience". And with a new 85-inch Ultra HD TV (UHD) they have done exactly that.

The UHD drew the biggest gasps from the absolute capacity crowd. Every seat in the massive convention hall was taken, and when the TV rose from the floor to an epic movie soundtrack we all went slack-jawed over its beauty and intuitiveness and for a second forgot we were meant to be writing, shooting and snapping film.

Put simply it looked like it had come from the future, or perhaps like this was the future, swaying gently in its huge frame as a vast cityscape stretched from one end of the room to the other in the background, showing off the breathtaking capabilites of the technology and the widest projector screen I've ever seen. 

Offering a picture four times the resolution of current 1080p TVs, the Samsung's colours are vivid and deep enough to make a grown man cry (and after seven days in Vegas, that grown man could well be me).

David Steel, Samsung vice president of North America, told ABC News that with Ultra HD "the No. 1 thing is picture quality", so perhaps there's no wonder this baby has that in spades. The model which rose phoenix-like from the ground during the press show featured a massive 85-inch screen, but there's also a 110-inch screen version knocking around Sin City.

But we have to wait 'til the show gets under way on Tuesday to get within drooling distance of that one. Samsung quipped that the doors of the convention hall weren't big enough to get the big boy inside. Like anything in Vegas could be called 'not big enough' - have you seen the hotels on the strip?

Whatever, we can't wait to see it.

Whether 85-inch or 110, the TV's design and casing are almost as good-looking as what is on its screen.
Steel said design will be "increasingly important" in the 4K market, and a nifty floating frame shows he is deadly serious about creating products better looking than a catwalk model. The floating frame allows you to tilt the screen higher or lower, while it stands on what looks like an artists' easel - it's a real fop.

But this is more than a skinny, pretty dandy in tight black jeans. Boasting a quad-core chip, this baby throbs with power, so navigating your way around the TV will be efficient and smooth.

Samsung also launched a new range of LED and OLED TVs, featuring a redesigned Smart Hub and the ability to be controlled with the wave of a hand or a bit of chat, revolutionising our old remote controls. The Smart Hub also comes with news, movies and programme guides.

Samsung Electronics President Boon Ku Yoo said: "We've developed TVs that respond to people's needs and lifestyles. TVs that know what people want to watch. TV's that have the power to create the ultimate lean-back experience."