Samsung launches 8K TV at IFA 2018

The future of entertainment has arrived at IFA 2018, after Samsung launched their first ever 8K TV. Read on for more on this exciting new launch.

31 Aug 2018


Samsung 8K

The Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV promises what Samsung calls ‘Perfect Reality’ – image quality that must be seen to be believed. If you thought 4K was impressive, just wait until you see what 8K has to offer.


Transform 4K into mind-blowing 8K

The big pull here is the TV’s awesome ability to transform your favourite content into glorious 8K quality. So, if you’re watching something in less-than-8K quality, the Q900R will bring it up to 8K standard. How? With 8K AI upscaling technology, of course.

The Q900R 8K OLED TV uses something called Machine Learning Super resolution (MLSR) – which is a fancy way of saying artificial intelligence – to analyse content from multiple sources, and apply that learning to make what you watch look better.

Clever tech inside the TV looks at any picture, and thinks about how to improve the texture, reduce noise, and smoothen the edges. The result is a super-smooth picture, with no rough bits around the edges.

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There’s a reason we hear a lot about HDR when it comes to TVs. If your TV is HDR-compatible, it means your TV can display a wider palette of colours. The Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV goes further with what Samsung is calling Q HDR 8K.

That’s HDR10+, which in a nutshell means you can expect better colour contrasts, and previously unimaginable levels of depth and colour detail. Pictures will look brighter, and feel more vivid to the naked eye.

Under the hood

Speaking of sound, it’s the Quantum Processor 8K that helps to take audio up several notches. During movies, it will seek out voices to enhance, and amplify crowd noise during sport, which should make you feel as if you’re at the ground of your favourite footy team, or at the F1 Grand Prix. So, you get a better picture, and better audio. That’s music to our ears.

There’s no firm European release date just yet, but expect the Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV to arrive later this year. We hope you’re as excited as us.


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