Talking football, 4K TV and ‘unbelievable Jeff’ with Chris Kamara

We’ve been talking football, 4K TVs, and ‘unbelievable Jeff’ with bona-fide football icon Chris Kamara…

10 Jun 2016


We caught up with the famed Sky pundit on-board our Ultimate Home of Football – a converted RV motorhome jam-packed with 4K TVs and other latest tech. 

The RV is touring the UK for the duration of the football tournament, with matches being shown on-board for lucky competition winners. And, Kammy was in Manchester to host the first match.

TechTalk: ‘How does the Ultimate Home of Football compare to your set up at home?’


Kammy: ‘It’s just amazing. I thought TVs had got to their peak but you have a look at this and you just know that 4K TV takes it to the next level – I can’t wait for the match tonight, and to watch it with the fans.’


TechTalk: ‘Looking at this TV here now (A Samsung curved 4K HDR TV) what is it that you notice about it – or impresses you?’


Kammy: ‘Well it’s a stupid thing to say but it’s almost real isn’t it – as though you’re looking into the fields or you’re looking at the fire or you’re inside the theatre looking round it. It’s like you’re there – it’s not like you’re watching it through a TV. You could be in those particular instances and that’s what makes it so clear.’


TechTalk: ‘How do you think this will translate to watching football?’


Kammy: ‘Well, anything that enhances TVs will make football better. I think we had a little go down the 3D route and it didn’t work… but this (4K) is simply outstanding. Just looking at the footage on this TV – it is like something you’ve never really seen before.’


TechTalk: ‘When you watch football in 4K what is it that you notice that is different to watching on a normal TV?’


Kammy: ‘It’s amazing. The detail that you can see on the players, on their shirts – you can actually see beads of sweat (on their faces). The pitch just looks absolutely awesome, you can even see the individual blades of grass. You think you’ve seen it all, until you get a 4K TV.’


TechTalk: ‘You’ve been working in football media for many years – what tech development has had the biggest impact on the game?’


Kammy: ‘Goal-line technology – I was one of those who said don’t spoil the game by bringing in loads of technology. But now, I think maybe we should use it a little bit more because everything else is advancing…’


TechTalk: ‘Do you think the use of touchscreen tablets and on-screen graphics make it easier for the fan at home to enjoy the game?’


Kammy: ‘Yes. The thing about football is it’s not rocket science – it’s football. If you can educate people on football then you’re doing a good job. That’s what we (Sky pundits) try to do – educate people on the game. Tell them why something has happened. So rather than saying, look at that ‘what a terrible goal’, explain the reasons why it came about. And if you can do it with the help of iPads and stop-starting and with arrows then it makes more sense.

TechTalk: ‘They say watching football on a curved screen gives a cinematic effect – what do you feel when you look at the picture on this curved screen?’


Kammy: ‘You don’t notice it’s a curved screen – that’s the thing. If I am sat watching it, I think it just looks amazing. Now you explain that it’s curved and that’s probably why it’s even clearer. It’s just perfect visually. ‘Look at the size of that telly – if I was a kid watching that I would think I was in the cinema (laughs).’


TechTalk: ‘You’re known for your energetic and humorous broadcasting style – how do you view your status as an icon of football culture?’


Kammy: ‘I’m still pinching myself that the situation has actually occurred. I never thought it would happen when I finished managing at Stoke City and moved into the media side of things. I never thought then, back in the year 2000, I would be where I am today in terms of the stuff that I do. It’s great walking down the street and everyone’s shouting, ‘unbelievable Jeff’. It’s just brilliant.’


TechTalk: ‘Is the personality we see when you’re getting animated about the match the real Kammy?’


Kammy: ‘It’s the real Kammy. When I go to a football match I think both sets of supporters want me to be engulfed in the game, doing it in an unbiased way – where I’m as happy for one team as I am the other. I stay strictly neutral. The only team I support, and it hurts when they lose, is England…’


TechTalk: ‘And what do you think England’s chances are this summer?’


Kammy: ‘I hope we can win it. The underdogs of all underdogs were Leicester City last year and they won the league. There are underdogs who’ve won before – Greece quite a few years back – totally unexpected. We (England) wouldn’t be unexpected if we won. Let’s hope we’ve got half a chance.’


TechTalk: ‘If you had to pick one player to shine?’


Kammy: ‘Harry Kane – if he scores the goals that’ll mean we end up doing really well.’


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