How to avoid Christmas party disasters

From music fails to gate-crashers, here’s how to avoid a disaster this Christmas party season…

03 Dec 2019


Throwing a party this Christmas? The difference between a good party and a party to remember lies in the little details, but the essentials are: a big group of mates, great music played on a brilliant speaker, and a swift, hassle-free clean-up after. Fortunately, there’s loads of great tech out there to help you avoid disasters at your festive shindig. So, here’s a list of everything we think you’ll need to avoid a nightmare and make yours the party of the year!


Good party checklist

So, you’ve got the lights, set up, drinks in the fridge and finger food ready for your guests to arrive. What’s next?

Get the door

Having people try to gate-crash your do is a sign of a good party, but it can turn into a disaster very quickly. A great doorbell, like the Ring Video Doorbell 2, can prevent this ever being a possibility.

As soon as they ring the doorbell, you’ll get an alert on your phone, so you won’t need to turn the music down to hear who’s at the door. You’ll be able to see who they are and chat to them with two-way communication. That way, you’ll know who’s arrived before you even open the door.

Get a great speaker

Sonos Beam

You want to get your guests up and dancing, so it’s important that your speaker or hi-fi system is up to the task (because a tinny-sounding speaker just won’t cut it!). For serious floor-filling sound without having to re-arrange the living room, go for a sound bar!

The Sonos Beam Sound Bar is five speakers in a single unit, with support for high-res audio to bring those thumping basslines to life. It also features Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in, so you can use it as a smart speaker. That means if you don’t want to use your phone to change songs and risk looking anti-social, you can just ask the voice assistant.

You don’t have to be the only DJ, either. The best way to keep guests happy is to let them choose the tunes, and with the Sonos app you can do just that. Let your mates add the songs they want to hear to your playlist to keep the good times rolling. The Sonos Beam can group with other Sonos speakers too, so you can make your mix sound even bigger.

Take the party with you

If it’s a warm evening and your guests start to move to the garden, or you want to move the party somewhere else, you’ll need a speaker that can keep the tunes going anywhere. The JBL Charge 4 is a great addition to your party lineup, with the power to deliver superb bass even outdoors. It’s got a 20-hour battery life, so you can place it anywhere in the garden.

It can connect to two devices at once, so you and a mate can take turns lining up the next crowd-pleaser. Thanks to IPX7 waterproofing, a sudden change in weather won’t rain on your parade. And if any of your friends also have a JBL Bluetooth speaker, tell them to bring it along. With the JBL Connect+ app, you can link up to 100 speakers for the ultimate party soundtrack.

Blitz that party aftermath


Let’s be honest, nobody likes cleaning up after a party. Depending on what cleaning equipment you have, it can take either minutes or hours to mop up all the spilled drinks and crumbs (not to mention moving everything back into place).

The Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner makes the clean-up operation much, much easier. It’s got a 60-minute run time – more than enough to have every floor looking spotless again, and offers twice the suction power of regular cordless vacuums. With Dynamic Load Sensor technology, the cleaner head can detect what kind of surface you’re cleaning and adjust the motor speed for full efficiency. The bin is 40% bigger too, so you’ll make it through the entire clean-up without needing to empty it halfway. It really is a life-saver!

Still not sure? Check out our whole range of cordless vacuum cleaners.


Those are our top tips on avoiding Christmas party disasters. With just a few provisions, your festive shindig is guaranteed to go off with a bang!