How to avoid Christmas party disasters

From music fails to awful lighting, here’s how to avoid a disaster this Christmas party season…

06 Nov 2018


Sony SRS-XB41


Match your Christmas lights to your mood

The disaster: You’ve invited everyone over for a party but the bright kitchen light is killing the mood.  

The answer: You can create different lighting shades and colours with the tap of your finger thanks to Philips smart lightbulbs. These lightbulbs connect to your home Wi-Fi, letting you control them with your phone.

philips hue white and colour

How can they prevent a party disaster?

  • Create different lighting moods for different rooms with 16 million colours to choose from
  • Set a disco effect in the dancing room by syncing the lights to music
  • Subtly dim the lights as you want to wind the party down

Create the perfect ambiance with the Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience 27 Starter Kit


Don't stop the music

The disaster: Every time a playlist ends, the music stops abruptly and you have to rush over to the smart phone dock to start a new one.

The answer: Keep the music playing all night long – in any room of the house – with wireless portable speakers. They sync up over your home Wi-Fi allowing you to control what you’re listening to via an app on your phone.

Sony SRS-XB41

How can they prevent a party disaster?

  • Use your phone to stream playlists from services like Spotify
  • When one track ends, just queue another to start immediately
  • Bring concert vibes to your home thanks to great bass and clear, intense sound
  • Play your own personal music library from your laptop, tablet or phone – i.e. iTunes

Launch a home concert with the Sony SRS-XB41 Wireless SpeakerThis small but powerful speaker is a great way to get the party going – and keep it going.

You can connect up to 100 Party Chain additional speakers to feel the bass ripple through the house, and let friends sync their phones via Bluetooth so everyone gets their favourite tune.


No one is mingling

The disaster: Your friends are on one side of the room, your colleagues on the other. It’s like a school disco – only with adults.

The answer: There’s nothing like a bit of gaming to break the ice. Watch competitive streaks overcome politeness once you boot up the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One X.

The graphics on these next-gen machines alone are enough of a talking point.


Xbox One X and FIFA 19

You can’t go wrong with a game of footie to get people talking – a multiplayer tournament on FIFA 19 on Xbox One X could even have them shouting.

And once you’ve berated someone for missing a ‘sitter’ you can hardly claim to be ‘shy’. FIFA is great too as it opens up the table to general football banter – who do you support? Who’s the best striker in the league blah, blah, blah.

Nintendo Switch

Feel like something a little less footie-related? Crack out the Nintendo Switch instead, and introduce your guests to the game that has claimed a thousand friendships – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Cutting-edge gaming tech is blended with rich nostalgia to keep young and old guests happy – and the two wireless Joy-Con controllers mean everyone gets a turn quickly. 

Get the Nintendo Switch in Neon Red


Friends’ kids are getting bored

The disaster: Friends and family brought their kids along but you’ve not really catered for them and they’re starting to get bored.

The answer: A Christmas movie marathon is the perfect solution. Children young and old will struggle not to be impressed by the LG B8 OLED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV


How can it prevent a party disaster?

  • The large 65-inch screen will capture their attention – at least for an hour or so
  • Their favourite movies will look better than ever when upscaled into super-sharp 4K resolution
  • Dark scenes in Harry Potter look incredibly deep and atmospheric with OLED screen tech
  • Netflix is built-in to the TV so they’ll have plenty to watch

Home Cinema feel

Create a home cinema feel with Sonos speakers to match the sharp picture with atmospheric sound. Put two Sonos One speakers behind your TV and to the side.

Sonos Beam

Add a Sonos Beam Compact Sound Bar and a subwoofer for sharp dialogue.


Blitz that party aftermath

The disaster: You wake up to find the remnants of tortilla chips scattered across your living room floor – and are those clumps of mud from people’s shoes in the hall?

The answer: There’s not really any way of avoiding this one – but you can deal with it quicker and more effectively with a powerful cordless vacuum like the Dyson V10.

Dyson V10

How can it prevent a disaster?

This fancy handheld device runs for up to 60 minutes, meaning you can whizz round and quickly get the worst of the mess gone. Its 25.2 V power gives super powerful suction gets even the most stubborn crumbs out of the carpet – it’ll soon have your floors looking tip-top.

Check out the Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum


Find the right tech for you this Christmas