Which media streamer is right for you?

Since there are so many ways to stream TV shows and films to your telly, follow our graphic to help you choose which one is right for you…

27 Oct 2017


Watching TV at home is no longer limited by what you can pick up through your aerial or satellite dish. Streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime all provide thousands of incredible viewing choices. But what’s the best way to enjoy those shows from the comfort of your living room?

Media streamers are devices that shoot your selected film from your laptop or smart device app over to your high definition TV screen. This is called mirroring or ‘casting’.

We’ve highlighted our top three streaming technologies for you to take a closer look at…



Google Chromecast works with Android and Windows devices. It uses the apps on your smartphone, tablet or laptop to stream thousands of shows and films to your TV.

Try Google Chromecast

nvidea shield

NVIDEA Shield 4K media streaming device 

With an in-built Chromecast 4K Ultra you can stream all the same media to your TV, as well as a variety of games, to enjoy in 4K Ultra HD quality. Compatible with Android devices.

Get the NVIDEA Shield

amazon fire tv stick with alexa remote

Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa remote

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can plug the Fire stick into your TV’s HDMI port to access the TV shows, movies, music and games from your Amazon account and other apps – all without touching a button. Simply tell Alexa what you want to watch.

Get the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa remote


Still need some help deciding on a media streamer?

Take a look at our guide to figure out – whether you should you go for a stick, or a box? Which brand will suit your needs best? Or what type of remote they come with?


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