10 things we really should know about tech

You might raise your eyebrows if you found out a friend couldn’t swim or ride a bike. They’re just skills you expect adults to have mastered.

OK, so you can ride a bike… now stop showing off!

The same can be said of technology and gadget fans. So you know how to build your own desktop PC and you’re an old pro at programming your Blu-ray player... but can you do the basics?

How many of these 10 statements can you tick off?

I know how to…

...touch type
Many of use use a computer at work and tap away at a keyboard, before coming home and doing the very same thing in our leisure time. So we should all be able to touch type by using all 10 digits without glancing down at the keyboard.

...use the defrosting modes on the microwave
It’s a common facepalm moment in houses all over the country – you’ve just realised that you forgot to put meat in the fridge to defrost yesterday. No matter, the microwave can do the job just as well. Do you know how to use the special defrost functions on your microwave?

...get the best out of search apps on smartphones
You’ve been a bit clever and have downloaded the Google App for your smartphone – this should save you loads of time. The trouble is you always forget to use and search through your web browser instead.

...make the most of all the functions on my digital SLR camera
It’s the variety of exposure modes on digital SLR cameras that appeal to amateur photographers. Taking photos with a compact camera is fun, but playing with sports, close up and portrait modes can make a picture look truly professional. But hands up who has shifted their digital SLR camera out of auto mode? I thought so.

...change the fluff filter on the washing machine
OK, seriously, has anyone actually changed the fluff filter in their washing machine recently? I’m sure it’s a very simple task but I wouldn’t know where to begin.

...hunt for the nearest petrol station on my sat nav
My car’s dashboard has a rather ominous fuel consumption countdown clock. “You have five miles to find a petrol station.” The warning light appears with 50 miles to go, but it’s only in the last five that I panic. Instead of optimistically darting down side roads, I could always use my sat nav to find the nearest petrol station.

...stick to apps like Skype and BBM to cut costs
If you’re constantly exceeding the minutes and text allowances on your mobile phone then it might be a good idea to speak to friends over Skype and use BBM instead of texting. A great theory, but do you stick to it?

...just listen to the songs I like on my iPod
We all skip through some of the weaker tracks on the albums we love to get to the good stuff. But creating your own ‘best of’ playlists for your iPod could save a lot of clicking.

...adjust the toaster setting instead of putting it on twice
Personally, I can’t understand people who like their toast to be… just warm bread basically. So each morning I find myself putting the bread through the toaster twice to get it properly singed. If only I was more awake at 7am to change the settings after my other half has used it.

...use the built-in Freeview tuner for terrestrial channels
There’s something retro about clicking the number three button on a television remote control to access ITV1, but it’s probably more sensible to just use the built-in Freeview tuner to watch digital quality pictures.

So how did you do? Are you tech savvy at all times or do you occasionally let your gadget brain slip? Comment below or tweet @dixonsintheknow with your score…