4K OLED and glasses-free 3D at CES 2013

Panasonic and Sony introduced prototype TVs that combined both OLED and Ultra HD.

10 Jan 2013


We've spent a week in Vegas and we've seen more ultra HD TVs than casinos and tacky hotels.

4) Panasonic Shows Off Its 4K OLED Prototype At CES 2013

Undoubtedly the technology of CES 2013, ultra HD, or 4K, was everywhere. All the big hitters rolled out 4K sets with pictures akin to looking through a window, but a couple of companies went even further, with breakthroughs such as 4K OLED and glasses-free 3D.

Naturally, 4K OLED is exactly that - a combination between the two main TV technologies of the day. Panasonic and Sony introduced prototype TVs that combined both OLED and Ultra HD.

I heard a whisper Sony was showing off a 4K OLED so I struggled through the FA Cup final-like crowds to find the bounty. It took a while to find the stand and I was required to do some serious shoving but when I got there, boy was it worth it.

The prototype was showing footage of a lion and the colours were so vivid, so sharp it was as though we were peering into its pride in Africa.

Over on the Panasonic stand and it seemed everyone wanted a piece of its OLED 4K too. The Panasonic prototype was over to the far side of the stand, up some stairs. However, with its captivating picture and fawning crowds it was easy to spot.

CNET UK editor Jason Jenkins knows a bit about TVs and he loved the Sony 4K OLED. He said: "The 4K concept TV is one of my favourite products of CES so far. The picture is genuinely astounding - even when you look up close, it's hard to see the individual pixels like you do on a normal TV.

"The overall effect is quite different from watching a normal set. The picture is incredibly bright, making feel more like a lucid dream than TV."

CES 2013 will go down in history for some truly innovative TV technologies, and there were plenty of others competing for our attention alongside 4K.

Glasses-free 3D left those of us who visited the Vizio stand amazed. The specs-less technology was showcased in Vizio's 55-inch 3D XVT, which is also bang on-trend with the essential accessory for CES 2013 - #4k.

The breakthrough could revolutionise 3D viewing, as many people's main reason to shun it those clunky, novelty specs. The model showcased at CES was a prototype, but the picture it offered was truly amazing.

While we're in the mood for throwing around superlatives, there's Samsung's curved OLED to discuss. The curved panel is designed to create a more realistic viewing experience, with a panorama effect that's utterly immersive.

The curved panel makes it feel as though the stunning scenery and landscapes are literally wrapping around you like a winter coat; as though you're there - living and breathing in the Amazon rainforest when you're actually eating fish fingers and chips on your knee.

When I leave Vegas in a day or so I'll return to England smug, wise. For I have seen the future of TV technology, seen how we'll all be spending our evenings in the years to come. The future of TV is as crisp as a perfect winter morning when the sun hangs high in a brilliant blue sky and the fresh air awakens your senses.