Are you ready for the digital switchover?

18 Feb 2011


Analogue television transmitters around the country are being switched off almost by the day and most of us couldn’t care less.

Digit Al and Lorraine Kelly are all for the digital switchover

We’ve embraced the digital switchover and our living rooms are already filled with HD TVs, ready for the new age of broadcasting.

The country’s last analogue transmitters are due to be switched off next year. While the switchover won’t faze your modern widescreen LCD TV in the lounge, think about where else you watch TV at home…

Have you ever been banished to the spare room on Saturday night to watch Match of the Day on that old CRT set when your better half refuses to turn over? How about keeping tabs on Hollyoaks on the grungy kitchen TV while you wait for the potatoes to boil?

Well, in that case you’re going to need a plan.

If you’re quite happy with the television you’ve got but just want to bring it into the digital age, then a digital TV receiver should do the trick. The cheapest set-top boxes may only sell for the price of a couple of DVDs, but they still give you access to a plethora of channels, all displayed on a seven-day electronic programme guide.

Delve a little deeper into your pockets and you can buy a digital TV recorder with a built-in hard drive, so you can easily save your favourite shows.

Should you often get booted into the spare room to get your Saturday night football fix, then you could always make a tactical substitution of your own.

No, I don’t mean swap your current squeeze for one who likes football… Instead, haul the tired-looking (and frankly a bit overweight and oversized) CRT television from the book shelf and replace it with a silkier and slimmer LCD TV.

New LCD televisions come with a bag of tricks, none more valuable than a built-in digital tuner to pick up Freeview channels.

If you’re a bit short on room then buying a smaller LCD TV could be the way to go because it can easily fit on a shelf or be mounted on a wall, with no need to find space for a box.

Tech lovers waiting for an excuse to upgrade to a 3D TV see this as the opportunity they’ve been waiting for…

OK, so having a 3D ready TV tucked away in the spare room might be for the mega rich, but you can always buy a new television for the living room and bump its predecessor into a bedroom.

So even if you are banished from your own living room, you can choose from the five terrestrial channels which were available back in your analogue days, along with a fresh line-up of digital stations. Not too shabby.

__Are you ready for the digital switchover? Will you buy a digital TV receiver or treat yourself to a new 3D TV? Comment below…__