Attend the Royal Wedding or watch it in 3D: Which Golden Ticket would you prefer?

13 Dec 2010


Rumour has it that Prince Wills and Kate will be giving 100 Golden Ticket invitations to their wedding next year to random members of the British public so we can be ‘involved at a deeper level than simply holding street parties’.

It’s a great idea in theory but I imagine the reality of attending the Royal Wedding next April will involve lots of uncomfortable frisking in a security queue, standing, walking, waiting, watching… It’s not going to be something we’d see on Four Weddings, that’s for sure.

No embarrassing speeches, slurring bridesmaids, stripping groomsmen, cringe-worthy 80’s disco tunes – all the true entertainment and open bar privileges that make a normal wedding worthwhile getting dressed up for will be replaced by marching bands, hymn singing, photoshoots, Royal horses and carriage… how wonderfully charming – if that’s your thing.

If not, then a street party probably sounds more appealing, especially since TV networks are toying with the idea of broadcasting the spectacle in 3D. And if it’s anything like the psychedelic Black Eyed Peas concert I watched in 3D at a demo in Currys the other day, it will be just as good as being there (only without the laser beams and aerial acrobatics).

So top of my wish-list if I find the Dixons £10k Golden Ticket (can’t enter because I work for Dixons but it’s called a wish-list for a reason… regretful sigh) is this mega-cinema package with humongous 55’’ 3D telly from LG that comes with 3D Blu-ray player and a few sets of 3D goggles.

Rack up a 115-bottle capacity connoisseur wine cooler and that’s me sorted for the duration of the Royal Wedding (and the four day weekend that follows).

The Dixons £10,000 Golden Ticket giveaway launches on Christmas eve when everyone who spends £25 or more here on will automatically be entered into the draw. The lucky so-and-so who finds the £10k Golden Ticket will be able to spend the whole lot on absolutely ANYTHING on the site!

Are you a Royal groupie that would give your left toe to attend the Royal Wedding in person next year? Or a gadget groupie that camps outside stores the night before a new launch? What would you do – take the Royal Wedding Golden Ticket invitation or the Dixons £10k Golden Ticket? Add your comments below.