CES 2013 - Leaving Las Vegas

We’ve seen huge hotels, gaudy decor and landmarks from major global cities, but amid all that it’s the gadgets that have really captivated us

What a week.

We landed in Vegas last Saturday and since then it's been non-stop gadgetry without so much as a pause for breath, a burger or a go on the slots. They say times flies when you're having fun and the week has melted faster than an ice cream sundae in the Vegas sun (or the soles on my plimsolls after hiking around the convention centre every day). Regardless, we're about to be leaving Las Vegas.


It's our final night here and instead of being out on the Strip we're delivering a round-up of the week - aren't we nice?

We've seen huge hotels, gaudy decor and landmarks from most of the world's major cities, but amid all that it's the gadgets that have really captivated us. Samsung rocked up with a huge 85-inch ultra HD TV that appeared to be floating in its frame. Elsewhere, curved OLED displays and TVs combining OLED and 4K made their debut as prototypes. We've harped on plenty about the TVs already, check it out here.

In the tablet world we were totally stoked by Lenovo's 27-inch tabletop Horizon, which you can find out all about here. The Vizio 10-inch Android tablet also impressed, as did the Panasonic 20-inch tab. I've always associated Vegas with rock stars and flash cars, but most of the convertibles I've been drooling over were boasting RAM rather than MPG. Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba all impressed with laptops that turned into tablets. Read about how they switched between the two smoother than a '57 Chevy sliding into second gear here.

In Vegas everyone has the time of day to say hello, so it seems fitting a number of devices that talk to one another were announced in Sin City. Sony unveiled wireless speakers that can play music from your smartphone with one touch thanks to NFC, while LG wowed us with its Smart Home appliances that could be controlled via smartphone while you're out of the house. Read all about it here.

We covered lots more but the above should be enough to give you a feel for what went down in Vegas in 2013. Who said what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Boring. And if you've got a busy weekend planned we've condensed our coverage into a number of short - and very snappy - videos. They can be found, here

Anyway, we've only got a few hours 'til we fly and there are hotel rooms to tidy, passports to sort, bags to pack and baths to soak in - I'm not being indulgent, my convention wandering has blistered my toes.

The water's running so I better go, thanks for joining us for the whirlwind ride that was CES 2013. You've been the perfect companions.