Christmas TV – the all-time top five

What are the shows you just have to watch at Christmas? We reveal the top five most-loved festive TV

Christmas without TV is like fish without chips. A Samsung poll found this year we'll collectively watch 86 million hours of TV on Christmas Day.
But what are the Christmas shows we've most-loved over the years? The poll  of 2,000 people reveals our top five for festive viewing.

1) The Queen's Speech

Queen 's Speech

The Queen's Speech often divides living rooms on Christmas Day, so it's a surprise to hear we voted it the ultimate in festive TV, with 18% of the vote. Whether the royal adress is your highlight of the day or the perfect time for your afternoon nap, it's difficult to imagine Christmas Day without it.

Queen Elizabeth has been giving her festive message since 1952, so everyone from grandparents to teenagers has grown up with it. And perhaps the fact it's always been there, as big a part of Christmas as turkey and tinsel, is why we love it so.

2) Coronation Street Christmas Special

Rovers Return

Although Christmas is the season of goodwill to all men there's not much to be found round Weatherfield way. Over the years the Christmas Corrie has uncovered affairs and witnessed tram crashes and cars plunging into the river.

But 10% of people still voted it their favourite Christmas viewing. Producers and writers pile on the seasonal misery, and we lap it up at home - with 8.6 million people watching it last Christmas.

3) It's A Wonderful Life

It 's A Wonderful Life

They don't make Christmas films like this anymore. Regularly shown on Christmas Eve, It's A Wonderful Life gets right to the heart of what Christmas is truly about - compassion, love, family. Made in 1946, the film's message still resonates today, with nearly one in 10 people voting it their number one for Christmas viewing.

It tells the story of George Bailey, who contemplates suicide only to be saved by an angel who reveals how people's lives would have been far worse had he never lived. A Christmas Eve staple in our house, it really warms the cockles of your heart (as well as the cheeky glass of sherry).

4) Carols From Kings

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without Carols From Kings. Juggling last-minute present wrapping, prepping veg for Christmas Dinner and looking after the kids is much more tranquil with the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College Chapel in Cambridge on in the background.

The perfect sound to accompany your twinkling tree lights, the carols hit all the right nostalgia and tradition buttons - they've been part of our Christmas Eve since 1928, after all. There's no wonder for 8.5% of people the service is the top Christmas TV offering.

5) EastEnders Christmas Special

Albert Square at Christmas is a pretty miserable place to be. It seems every year something terrible goes wrong, but still we love tuning in. For the past two years it topped the Christmas TV ratings, with audiences of nearly 10 million.

Christmas 2012 focused on the death of Derek Branning - but what will this year's offering bring? You can safely say there won't be too much festive cheer. Dum, dum, dum dum dum dada dum.