Enjoy the choice of film lovers with Panasonic’s GX820 TV range

The new Panasonic GX820 Series will completely elevate your home entertainment. See what the latest in LED TV tech can do for you…

03 Jun 2019


Panasonic is a brand that has built quite a reputation for itself over the years. And with stunning series’ like the new GX820 it’s easy to see why. But what makes it so great? We’re glad you asked…


It’s built for every room in the house


For starters, the GX820 comes in a range of different sizes. You’ve got the 40-inch, which works well in the kitchen – ideal for continuing that incredible blockbuster from the dinner table.

But if you're looking for something a bit bigger, the 50-inch screen would go well in the bedroom for those cosy movie nights, while the larger 58 and 65-inch make show-stopping centrepieces for the living room. You can introduce an impeccable level of picture quality into every room in the house. And while we’re on the subject of picture quality…

Panasonic GX820 TV


Bring Hollywood to your home with the GX820


If a TV’s picture is important to you (well of course it is!) then you’re in for a real treat with this one. The GX820 supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which dramatically increases the range of colours in whatever you’re watching, showing it in mesmerising detail.

And if you like cinema-grade colours then this TV is the one. Your new Netflix boxset obsessions and the latest blockbusters on Prime will pop like never before. Watch everything just the way the director intended.

This is definitely a streamer’s dream. Why? Because the Dynamic Metadata HDR means it can fine-tune itself to get the best from all 4K HDR sources like Netflix and Prime Video.

Plus, if you’ve got a collection of Blu-ray discs with Dolby Visionand beautiful HDR10, this TV will boost it to a big-screen standard. Get ready to watch your existing favourites like never before.

Panasonic GX820

Settle down to cinema sound


Dolby Atmos sound is the same tech that’s used in cinemas – and it’s probably why you’re always so immersed whenever you go. You’ll be able to take the magic of the movies home with the GX820.

Expect even tenser moments of suspense and action that has you on the edge of your seat, because this TV is all about putting you right in the middle of the action with fluid audio that bounces around you in full 360-degree immersive sound.

If you want to take sound quality even further, pair your GX820 up with a compatible Dolby Atmos soundbar and get lost in those nail-biting moments.


Get the new Panasonic GX820 TV today in 40”, 50”, 58” or 65”