Find your TV sweet spot with our Best Seat in the House graphic

Football is all about positioning – and the same goes for your TV. Set it up right with our guide…


So, the summer of football is upon us – and you’ve invited friends and family to cheer on the Three Lions from the comfort of your home.

The only problem? There are more people than seats. Make sure to get the best one with our guide…

Best Seat in the House 1The nuts and bolts

Much like the football unfolding on the screen, positional play is key when it comes to finding the best seat – think of the TV as the ball and you as [insert favourite England player here]. Height from the ground, distance from the screen and size are key differentials.

Best Seat in the House 2Where should I sit? Outside the box

Think of the TV as the goalmouth. The distance you are from that hugely affects the picture quality.

We recommend you sit 1.6 x the diagonal screen size of your TV away from the screen. So for a 50-inch TV you should sit around 80-inches from the screen.

In football, the best goals are often scored from long range (outside the penalty box). This affords the player a better view of the goal. And this is the same for you – the further away you sit (in line with our recommendations) the better picture quality you will enjoy.

Best Seat in the House 3Playing out wide

Top-flight football has been blessed with some magnificently pacey wide players this season, and the summer will be no exception.

Wingers get a great view of the box and are consequently able to swing in crosses with pinpoint accuracy.

Take inspiration from them and learn to play the channels to your advantage with a TV that gives you a stunning picture from a wide angle.

OLED TVs are among the best wingers in the game – check out our OLED TVs

Best Seat in the House 4Don some colourful boots

Footballers are now (almost) as famous for their colourful boots and hair as they are their silky skills on the pitch.

See those bright boots and trendy hairdos in Technicolor detail with a HDR TV. HDR takes the increased pixels of 4K and makes those pixels better – think detailed dark scenes, brilliant whites and kaleidoscopic colour.

Turn on the colour with our 4K HDR TVs


Know what you need? Ready yourself for the football this summer