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What’s the 2015 Rugby Tournament?

Unless you've been in one scrum too many, you'll know what the big event in rugby is right now. The 2015 Rugby Tournament gets under way this September. Held every 4 years, it pits the world’s best rugby union playing nations against one another. The 2011 cup was won by New Zealand.

Rugby’s coming home in 2015

England being crowned champions at the 2003 Rugby World Cup

The 2015 competition is being held in England and Wales. Matches will be played in Birmingham, Exeter, Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester and other cities. The competition runs from 18 September to 31 October. 

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How much cash can I get back?

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Who should I pick?

The favourite - £50 cashback

New Zealand – Pool C


The lowdown: New Zealand are the defending tournament champions. They are currently number 1 in the Rugby World Rankings and are expected to finish top in Pool C. The mighty All Blacks have some of the world’s best players at their disposal.

Can they win it? They’re the favourites to win

Previous Web Ellis wins: 1987, 2011

The Home Nations - £100 cashback

England – Pool A


The lowdown: England are the host nation of the 2015 Rugby Tournament. Playing to their own crowd in their own stadiums, England’s home advantage is expected to be huge. They’re currently number 4 in the Rugby World Rankings and they're expected to do well in Pool A. 

Can they win it? Maybe. A place in the final is well within reach, say experts  

Previous Web Ellis wins: 2003

Wales  - Pool A

Welsh flag

The lowdown: Wales will also enjoy home advantage, playing a couple of games in Cardiff. They’re currently number 6 in the World Rugby Rankings and will compete with England in Pool A.

Can they win it? Experts are predicting a group stages exit

Previous Web Ellis wins: None yet, but with a home crowd behind them, who knows?

Scotland – Pool B

Scottish flag

The lowdown: Scotland have some good young players and have a former New Zealand coach at the helm. They’re currently number 11 in the Rugby World Rankings. In Pool B they face tough competition from South Africa.

Can they win it? Experts are predicting the quarter-finals

Previous Web Ellis wins: Currently zero. But could Scotland surprise us this year?

Ireland – Pool D


The lowdown: Ireland are the current holders of the Six Nations title, retaining their title in 2015. They come into the competition on impressive form. Coached by Joe Schmidt, they face France and Italy in Pool D. They’re currently number 3 in the Rugby World Rankings.

Can they win it? Maybe. Experts are predicting a place in the semi-finals

Previous Web Ellis wins: No wins yet, but fresh from their Six Nations victory, is this the year for the Irish?

The other frontrunners - £100 cashback

South Africa – Pool B


 The lowdown: South Africa have won the Web Ellis Cup twice before and they’re currently number 2 in the Rugby World Rankings. They’re are buoyed by captain Jean de Villiers being declared fit to play. South Africa are the favourites in Pool B.

Can they win it? Experts are predicting at least semi-finals

Previous Web Ellis wins: 1995, 2007

Australia – Pool A

Australian flag

The lowdown: Australia are in the same pool as England and Wales. They’re currently number 5 in the Rugby World Rankings and are expected to battle with England to top the pool. But Australia’s form has been erratic over the past year.

Can they win it? Experts are predicting quarter-finals

Previous Web Eillis wins: 1991, 1999

France – Pool D

French flag

The lowdown: France will battle with Ireland for top spot in Pool D. They’re currently number 7 in the Rugby World Rankings. Once known for their flair and grit, the French have had a tough time recently – losing 5 of their past 6 tests. 

Can they win it? Experts are predicting quarter-finals 

Previous Web Ellis wins: France have never won the cup before, is 2015 their year?

The outsiders - £1000 cashback

Argentina – Pool C

Argentinian flag

The lowdown: Argentina are ranked number 8 in the Rugby World Rankings. They lost to both South Africa and Australia in the 2015 Rugby Championship but are still playing well under their coach Daniel Hourcade. They face favourites New Zealand in Pool C. 

Can they win it? They’ll do okay. Experts predict a place in the quarter-finals 

Previous Web Ellis wins: None. But is £1000 cashback worth the gamble?

Samoa – Pool B

Samoan flag

 The lowdown: Samoa are thought as the best team from the Pacific Islands. They are number 9 in the Rugby World Rankings. Among their ranks is one of the Aviva Premiership’s best attacking players, George Pisi. 

Can they win it? Probably not. Experts predict a group stages exit

Previous Web Ellis wins: Zero. But it would be a fantastic underdog story if they won it this year!

The following teams are also considered outsiders, and could net you £1000 cashback if they win, are you willing to take a punt?

Fiji, Italy, Uruguay, Romania, Namibia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Tonga

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Good luck, and enjoy the rugby!