Holiday entertainment made easy with the Panasonic EM6

The EM6 LED TV from PanasonicĀ“s new range is happy showing movies in glorious HD or playing music via funky USB

22 Mar 2013


The EM6 LED TV from Panasonic's new range is happy showing movies in glorious HD or playing music via funky USB

Panasonic TV

If you're planning on buying a new TV before the hordes descended upon you for the summer holiday you'll want something you can set up and learn to use before the expected chaos ensues.

As sons, siblings and step mums squeeze together on the sofa for a four-day marathon of rowing, retro movies and ridiculously large bowls of popcorn, the Panasonic EM6 LED TV can be set up in no time at all.

Also, the intuitive, user-friendly controls mean it's easy to find your way around even amid screaming toddlers and arguing brothers.

And if they all get bored of the Back to the Future, Superman and Disney offerings of the terrestrial channels, the Panasonic also offers a wealth of other options via Freeview - but some kind of remote-sharing policy may first need to be outlined (we'll leave that up to you).

Pukka picture
Of course, one summer holiday classic they'll all agree on is the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - who could contemplate arguing over a chicken leg or 'stolen' chocolate bar while a plucky Charlie hands over his wages to the granddad?

We mention the Roald Dahl masterpiece because the swirling colours of the chocolate factory and Gene Wilder's groovy lavender suit look pretty amazing through the EM6's LED screen - as Wonka would say, it really is scrumdiddlyumptious.

Let's Dance
But it's not just about the picture (as scrumdiddlyumptious as it is).
We may moan about the noise and mess of entertaining the whole family, but it takes a lot of effort to get everyone in one place these days. While your brood are all in the same room - actually on the same sofa - why not use the TV to have a walk down memory lane with a few old photos?

Just stick the USB in the telly and away you go - after all, there are only so many old-school films you can take in one elongated weekend.  

And if you're going for nights out and fancy a dance to get you in the mood you can also use the USB feature to get some grooves on - just be ready for your kids to fire a few mortified scowls your way as you strut your stuff to David Bowie.

Going green
Once they've finished being embarrassed by your shapes, your kids will probably replace your 'naff' music with some choices of their own - One D, Rihanna and the rest.

And if you've got any teenagers hung up on saving the world they'll be pleased to hear the EM6 has gone green. It uses Eco Navigation to automatically set the most suitable energy-saving mode, while it turns off the power according to usage conditions.

One of you tracks may have been grooving to is Bowie's Sound + Vision, and with the above features the EM6 is a perfect blend of both.

The Panasonic EM6 will keep your living room entertained this summer - now all you have to worry about is the feeding everyone (and working on your dance moves).