Host movie nights like a pro with an 8K TV

If you take your hosting responsibilities seriously, an 8K TV is the only way to go. So, hold onto your seat while we explore the thrill of 8K with this outstanding Samsung TV.

21 Jan 2019


Ah, the drama of hosting movie night. The big decision on where everyone will sit, the conflict over which film to choose – plot twist: did you buy enough popcorn? One thing you can be sure of is that introducing a Samsung Smart 8K TV into the equation will result in a satisfying ending all round.

So, why 8K? We’ve picked out one of Samsung’s most ground-breaking models to answer that question for you. Now get comfy and prepare to be wowed by the wonders of futuristic technology.


Transform your home movie nights with 8K

Once it’s in your living room, you and your guests will marvel over the unbelievable detail and clarity on the Samsung QE65Q900 Smart 8K HDR QLED TV - available in 3 sizes, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch.

Lose yourself in flicks bursting with rich colours, textures and skin tones. We’re talking magnificent detail in whatever you’re watching. See more in the dark shadows of a horror, become fully immersed in the most vibrant animation, and immerse yourself in the explosive action of, well an action movie.

Upscale all of your favourite blockbusters and box sets with intelligent upscaling supported by a dedicated quantum processor. You’ll watch classics like never before, as every single frame of the film is analysed, recreating all the fine details of much higher resolution. That’s all the films in your collection, re-mastered!

No more fiddling about with your colour settings. Get superior, true-to-life colours straight out of the box with Samsung QLED. It recognises over a billion colours and shades – boasting 100% colour volume. Your movie future’s looking bright.

Clever movie fans need the smart thinking from Samsung’s AI processor in their life. It optimises your picture and sound settings in a flash, and connects to your other home devices. Got a favourite genre? It understands exactly what you like and suggests more of the same for you. Let the Netflix or Prime Video binge commence.

Partial to a bit of magic? How about making your big screen disappear when you’re not using it? ‘Ambient Mode’ removes the large black screen, making it blend into your surroundings effortlessly. You can choose from decorative content, your very own photos, or just mimic the wall behind it.

Buy the Samsung QE65Q900 65" Smart 8K HDR QLED TV, Samsung QE75Q900 75" Smart 8K HDR QLED TV or Samsung QE85Q900 85" Smart 8K HDR QLED TV.