How to justify a new TV to your partner

This summer is going to be amazing for sport and you understandably want an amazing TV to do it justice - check out our playful pointers for justifying a new set

This summer is going to be amazing for sport and you understandably want an amazing TV to do it justice.

But how do you go about convincing your other half that buying a new TV is a worthy purchase, and that your intentions are not solely football-related?
In this guide we give you some playful pointers for justifying a new set.

Dress it as a 'gift for the whole family'

Everyone loves a generous family member. Talk about a new TV as being for the 'whole family'.
Suggest nostalgic family movie sessions on Sunday afternoons, and cosy rom-com nights after the kids have gone to bed.
Create scenes your other half can picture and you're halfway there. Just remember your poker face: Football? What Football?


Explain how it will improve the programmes they love

Samsung Curved UHD 8500

They may say they 'don't have time for watching TV' but you know there are programmes they really won't miss. Focus on these programmes, and talk about how new TV technologies will makes these like never before.

  • 4K Ultra HD - With four times the resolution of full HD, 4K brings to life nature documentaries - picking out details such as fur on animals and colourful landscapes. Viewing is "more immersive and more involving" (Tom Parsons, Stuff).


  • Curved TV - The curved screen is designed to give a more cinematic experience in the living room. Andy Clough, editor in chief at What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision said this "creates a more immersive viewing experience as the screen partially wraps around the viewer".
    Recreate the cinema at home without paying for petrol, popcorn or hot dogs.


  • OLED - Deeper blacks and whiter whites, creates contrast "unlike anything a regular TV can handle" (Tom Parsons). Watching a movie or documentary with really dark colours - think the new Batman films or the underwater episodes of Planet Earth.

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They can catch up on their favourite shows whenever

Smart TV basically means a TV that connects to the web.  The most common feature of a smart TV set is catch up-TV.  Apps for catch up services such as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and more are built into most smart tellies.

Your better half can enjoy catching up with their favourite shows at a time that suits them.

Explain how a new TV will liberate them from the TV schedules and allow them to plan their viewing around their daily routine rather than the other way around

A telly can make the living room look more stylish

Gherkin Curved Roof


The days of TVs being ugly and boxy are long gone. Although the picture is the main event, manufacturers nowadays also have a serious eye on style.

Explain how a TV can further enhance your other half's already impressive knack for interior design. 

Tell them how LG's 55inch curved OLED TV is as thin as a pencil, how Samsung's 55inch curved 4K Ultra HD TV has a curved screen and aluminium stand that will leave the neighbours with serious design envy. 

If they prefer their TVs flat, there are plenty of 4K Ultra HD and full HD TVs that are super slim, boast minimalist design and have screens that run almost from edge to edge.

Find inspiration with our #FootyFibs competition

Footy Fibs BNR


We asked you all to tell us your top excuses for buying a new TV as part of our #FootyFibs comp. They range from the clear and logical to the abstract and odd. Some of the top excuses are listed below:
       *   Big TVs scare elephants and I'm worried about elephants ruining my living room

  • I need a better screen to watch the amazing football
  • The new X Factor season is about to start… surround sound is absolutely vital
  • I have a really, really big crack in the wall and a 65-inch TV would cover it beautifully

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