Introducing the new Sony AF9 TV

Sony’s new flagship TV is packed with the latest tech. Here’s what it has to offer…

30 Aug 2018


Sony’s AF9 OLED Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR is the newest addition to the Bravia family and the flagship model. It’s easy to see why - minimalist design, never-before-seen tech and an outstanding viewing experience set it apart from the competition.

Introducing the new Sony AF9 TV

The latest innovations

Do you love the thrill of watching movies on the big screen? The sound, the colour, the intricate detail? Then you’ll love the new 55” AF9. It’s loaded with the latest tech for the most enhanced viewing experience yet.

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The X1 Ultimate Picture Processor technology detects hundreds of different objects on screen and intelligently enhances brightness, detail and colour. Everything you watch will be crystal clear and as close to true life as you can get.

Sony’s OLED technology has always been brilliant at bringing out the contrast of light and dark on screen. Now all 8 million self-illuminating screen pixels are controlled by the X1 Ultimate Picture Processor for even greater effect. Throw in new Pixel Contrast Booster and the OLED contrast is maxed on every colour. Every hue, shade and detail will burst onto the screen.

Picture perfect technology

Picture perfect technology

4K HDR is the crème-de-la-crème when it comes to immersive movies and gameplay. But there are so many different formats. Rest easy knowing the AF9 is compatible with all the big ones – including HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision – so you’ll always get the best viewing experience.

What if your content’s not in 4K? Then don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy the best picture around thanks to 4K X-Reality PRO. This clever feature upscales every image to as close to 4K quality as possible. Images are sharpened and refined in real time, revealing extra detail.

And if you’re a Netflix fan you’ll enjoy Netflix Calibrated Mode. This feature automatically calibrates the TV when you watch Netflix  – programmes such as Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things – meaning you can experience the content just as the creator intended.

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Multidimensional sound

Multidimensional sound

With Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology sound travels at you from different directions – just like in a concert hall or movie theatre – rather than one flat sound.

Hidden within the AF9’s ultra-thin screen, 3 specially designed speakers invisibly vibrate the TV panel to produce multi-dimensional audio, with sound coming from precise areas of the screen bringing you even closer to the action.

You can even use the AF9 as the heart of your home theatre system. By switching to centre speaker mode, the TV integrates with your existing surround sound system, keeping your Bravia central to the truly immersive cinematic experience.Stay smart

Stay smart

No self-respecting TV can claim to be the flagship model without incorporating smart tech. And the AF9 has it by the bucket load.

This Android TV has Google Assistant built-in to help keep life smart and simple. Using advanced voice-control you can ask the TV to:

  • Find your favourites
  • Look for new entertainment
  • Check your schedule
  • Control other smart home technology

All without the need for a remote. It’s also compatible with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.


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