Smart TVs for the Smart Sports Fan

Let TechTalk guide you through three of the best Smart TVs to suit all budgets and tastes.

15 Apr 2014


As a fantastic season draws to an end, and a whole new summer of sport begins, football fans are getting ready to see which teams will be victorious. You can't get all the excitement, however, without the best definition and highest quality from your TV.

If you're in the market for a large screen TV from Currys and are a lover of watching sports, then let Tech Talk guide you through three of the best Smart TVs to suit all budgets and tastes.


Samsung 4K 55

High-End:  SAMSUNG UE55F9000 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV

If you're looking for the ultimate TV for watching live-action sports, and aren't too bothered about the price tag, the Samsung Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED could be just the one for you.  Combining the very best cutting-edge technology with top of the line picture quality, it will be like you're actually in the stadium. 

This TV offers really deep contrast and its in-built core processor transforms even SD and HD content to Ultra HD using Samsung's Quadmatic Picture Engine.  What does this actually mean for you, the viewer?  Absolute sharpness, clarity and contrast.   The Clear Motion Rate is a real stand out feature too; this helps the picture stay sharp, perfect for fast-moving sports like football (or action films), simultaneously calculating frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology.

If 3D technology is a big part of your sports viewing experience then this TV includes lightweight 3D glasses that enable you to make full use of the UE5-5F900-0's incredible Active 3D properties.  The Samsung 3D experience is the same from every angle, so you can sit anywhere in the room, or have loads of friends over to watch the game in glorious 3D.Let

Built-in intelligent viewing technology provides first rate picture quality no matter which source you use or type of content you view - so you can expect a similar level of clarity and picture quality whichever game you're watching.  What's more, this is a TV with a brain; its intelligent learning gets to know your preferences so the more you watch, the smarter it gets.  You can even vocally ask the F9000 Smart Ultra HD TV to find programmes and it will search Live TV, video on demand and apps to recommend TV tailored to match your viewing habits.

A real standout feature of this set is its twin TV tuners, which allows you to watch two channels at the same time - perfect for keeping track of two games simultaneously!  Its powerful Quad Core processor give you access to all of its Smart features, such as high quality video streaming (perfect for replays) and full multitasking capabilities.  You can even synch the TV up with your Samsung smartphone or tablet to share multimedia.  Finally, this is a TV that sounds as good as it looks.  The four panel speakers and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 deliver stadium quality audio for the complete home audio experience.  It will feel like you're one of the crowd.

Perfect for:  Audio / visual aficionados

Price: Currently at £2399.97, down from £2799.00. That's a saving of £399.03!




The Sony Smart 3D 50" LED TV boasts Smart features and 3D technology that will allow you to enjoy all the latest sports action and entertainment from the comfort of your living room.  The set also features the latest in internet viewing capabilities.  Popular applications such as BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 can be accessed in a single click and the Opera App Store lets you keep up to date with all of your favourite content.

As well as offering full HD resolution this set delivers amazing 3D viewing - a real plus point for a TV at this price point.  You'll get two sets of 3D glasses so you and a mate can enjoy the footy together in glorious 3D, and if there's more of you extra glasses are available.  The X-Reality PRO technology takes your TV experience to a whole other level with full HD and 200 Hz motion rate, which makes for brilliant clarity and precision of picture when it comes to watching fast-action sport or action films.

It sounds as good as it looks too, thanks to its bass reflex speakers which blast sound towards you to deliver rumbling low frequencies and smooth high notes.  This might not sound particularly important but, when it comes to hearing the roar of the crowd, you'll really notice the difference.

This TV offers great connectivity via its HDMI connections, which include an ARC compatibleDMI port which is ideal for you to connect a home cinema system. Alternatively, you can use the USB connection to connect external devices like a hard drive or DSLR camera. With Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA compatibility, you can even watch videos straight from your smartphone or tablet without a home internet connection.

Perhaps best of all, this set qualifies for the Currys' Cash For Goals promotion, which means you can claim £10 cashback for every England goal or £5 for every Brazil goal when you purchase this TV.  How cool is that?

Perfect for:  The full 3D experience, without the hefty price tag

Price: £899.99


Panasonic Viera

Great Value:  PANASONIC VIERA TX-L42E6B Smart 42" LED TV

First off, the Panasonic Smart 42" LED TV represents exceptional value for money.  A 42" LED TV from a big-name brand for under £500 is a real steal when you consider the technology and features it includes.  Its combination of slim design and high quality facilities make it a great option for homesports and entertainment viewing.

Viera Connect functionality gives you full access to your favourite social media sites and web browsing, so you can keep up to date with all the latest footy transfer news and gossip.  You also get access to a whole host of entertainment options via the My Home Screen feature, which lets you personalise your viewing experience based on your favourite content such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube or any other services available from the VIERA Connect portal.

The picture quality is sharp - not as sharp as the Samsung reviewed above, but at a fifth of the price, it's really not far off a similar level of clarity.  Standard definition does highlight a noticeable difference in the HD:  a small loss of resolution over moving objects, which might affect your enjoyment of live-action sports and the colours look a little less balanced and natural then they do with HD footage.  Still, we're nit-picking and for the price point, it's really quite remarkable what Panasonic has achieved.

The viewing angle of this set is extremely wide at 178 degrees, so you'll be able to have all your mates around to watch the big games for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their seating angle to the screen.  For clean, dynamic sound, 10W of audio amplification and V-Audio processing powers two full range speakers for the widest stereo separation.  Despite the TV's slim design the sound isn't tinny either, with strong mediums and decent bass so you'll believe you're in amongst the crowd.

Finally, thanks to its cutting-edge product design, the TXL42E-6B 42" Smart TV is extremely energy efficient, with an A+ energy rating.  The built-in Eco Navigation mode allows you to adjust a variety of energy saving functions too, from automatic picture brightness to auto standby.

Perfect for: Entertainment junkies on a budget

Price:  £478.98