LED, LCD or plasma? How to buy the perfect TV...

26 Jul 2010


Choosing which technology you want in your television can be a bit confusing to say the least. The decision you make really depends on what your specific requirements are in terms of picture quality, energy efficiency, size and budget.

As far as picture quality is concerned, LED TV screens are the best, with plasmas coming in second. LED screens provide excellent colour depth and clarity as well as cleaner images, even up close.

LED screens are also the lightest and thinnest of the television options. Some models aren't much thicker than a credit card and this lightness also makes them easy to mount on walls. Plasmas are the heaviest and bulkiest of the options, with LCDs holding a good middle ground.

If energy efficiency is a consideration, an LED screen is again the best option, while LCD screens also use less energy than plasmas.

Of course, while LED TVs win on all of the above points, televisions with this technology are also the most expensive, so depending on your budget, a plasma or LCD could be a better option.