LG curved OLED TVs go on sale in South Korea

LG is to begin deliveries of TVs featuring curved OLED technology in South Korea

30 Apr 2013


The tech world was introduced to the curved OLED display at the International Consumer Electronics Show back in January and now LG has announced it is to this month begin deliveries of TVs featuring the technology.

LG OLED TV With Curved Screen (3)

The announcement makes LG the first manufacturer to offer curved OLED sets to the public - with the TVs initially available in South Korea.

Those wanting to get their hands on one of the 55inch sets will have to pay 15m won - around £8,725. The TVs start shipping from May.

When it comes to everyone else - LG says it will announce the timing and pricing of versions for markets elsewhere "in the months ahead".

The 55EA9800 features a flexible curved display designed to bring the IMAX experience to the family living room. It is 4.3mm in depth and weighs just 17kg.

OLED - organic light-emitting diodes - has long been touted as the future of TV technology, bringing about screens more slender and flexible than anything that came before.

At the CES in 2012 LG won the prestigious Best in Show award for its regular 55inch OLED set.

This year's Las Vegas convention saw it again at the forefront of TV technology with the curved OLED.

A company statement said: "With more than five years research behind developing the optimum curvature, the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer's eyes, eliminating the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and loss of detail."

LG wasn't the only manufacturer to show off a curved OLED prototype at CES 2013 though - Samsung also displayed a set featuring the technology.

OLED technology works by converting electricity into light. This means TVs featuring it don't require the backlights found in LCD sets.

The lack of a backlight means the TVs can be thinner, lighter and greener than ever before.

Ed Border, of market researchers IHS Screen Digest, told the BBC that the curved screen was a "good way of pushing the OLED technology to consumers".

He added:  "Looking forward, I think there will still be room for flatscreen TVs, especially if you are thinking of hanging an OLED screen on the wall or just want to buy a cheaper LCD set."