LG launches new 55inch OLED TV

OLED means organic light-emitting diode and the new LG is the first such set to make it to market.

LG is leading us into the brave new world of OLED with the launch of its new 55inch set.

OLED means organic light-emitting diode and the new LG is the first such set to make it to market.


The manufacturer first announced its 55inch beauty at last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and now, on the eve of this year's CES, LG has revealed its OLED set is to go on sale in South Korea.

OLED is widely regarded as the future of TV, with its display more energy-efficient than both LCD and plasma TVs. It's thought the South Korea launch will be followed by ones in Europe and other key markets soon.

Research firm DisplaySearch reckons 1.7 million OLED sets will have been snapped up by 2014 as the technology becomes more familiar.

OLED has captivated many tech lovers and industry commentators already with its deep, dark blacks and ultrathin screens, and now it's on its way into our living rooms.

If you're wondering just how thin OLED screens are, the LG is only 4mm thick and weighs in at 7.5kg.

The TVs are cutting-edge, but we've already experienced the technology behind OLED.

Samsung has used it in its smartphones and Sony in its PlayStation Vita. 

Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company said: "We are extremely pleased to be able to make this announcement at the start of the new year because we believe that OLED will usher in a whole new era of home entertainment.

"Not since colour TV was first introduced 60 years ago has there been a more transformational moment. When high definition TV was first introduced 15 years ago, the public's reaction was 'wow!' but when customers see our razor-thin OLED TV for the first time, they're left speechless.

"That's a clear indicator as any that OLED TV is much more than just an incremental improvement to current television technology."

But OLED isn't the only kid on the block when it comes to setting the agenda for the future of TV. Ultra HD, or 4K, is expected to generate some serious column inches at this year's CES, which gets under way on January 8 in Las Vegas.

With 4K people can expect eight million pixels per frame, a four-fold increase on that offered by 1080p high-definition sets.

Analysts expect a number of 110inch ultra HD screens to make their debut in Nevada.