LG makes smart TVs simple and shows curved 105-inch TV at CES

LG makes smart TVs easier to use at CES 2014 and showcases A 105-inch curved OLED TV

Smart TVs became simpler to control at CES 2014 as LG Electronics revived the webOS operating system as well as showcasing giant ultra HD (UHD) sets.

The South Korean tech giant announced it would revive the webOS operating system after buying it from HP last year.

It also showed off its 105-inch curved UHD TV. Previously known as 4K, UHD offers four times the resolution of standard HD.

LG 105inch UHD

Aside from UHD, OLED is currently the other biggest TV technology, boasting 'organic' lights that switch themselves on and off to create deeper blacks. LG showed off the world's largest UHD curved OLED at 77 inches.

But back to webOS - LG said the reinvention of the technology will offer "an intuitive user interface and refreshingly uncomplicated experience".

What does that mean though?

It means if you buy a smart TV from LG next year it'll be easier to find what you want to watch and hooking up to other devices will be less of a fuss.


LG said: "Its ease-of-use makes content searching and viewing, connecting with other devices, and even the initial set-up process incredibly smooth."

But what makes it smoother?

Much of this is to do with the new Launcher, with which you'll be able to scroll from left to right to switch between TV, social media apps, streaming services such as Netflix and content stored on other devices.

Each will be shown on a different coloured card, making switching between them a cinch. This means you no longer have to divert to the home screen to search for content, meaning you can continue to watch a show uninterrupted while browsing for what you'll watch next.

It will also recommend shows it thinks you may enjoy, based on your past viewing habits, while LG also claimed it would be easier to set up as well as use.

LG said: "It allows the viewer to simultaneously watch a show, play a game or browse the internet while searching or downloading other content. What's more, Live Menu, which can be opened while viewing the TV, keeps the search, recommendation and channel options within easy reach."

Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director, Consumer Electronics, added: "One of the biggest successes for us in this year's home entertainment line-up is the combination of a pioneering, intuitive and easy to use Smart TV service in webOS, matched with world leading screen technologies.

"LG's webOS Smart TV platform realises the potential of online services and apps via true integration of Smart TV into consumer's user experience. When coupled with the quality, premium hardware that we are renowned for producing, this allows users to easily enjoy their favourite content with a stunning viewing experience."

The new webOS software will come on 70% of LG's smart TVs this year. The technology was originally used on the Palm Pre phone.

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