Match day at Phil Vickery’s house

Big match days at the former England rugby captain’s house are a family affair, with wife and kids all gathered round the TV. But who gets the remote?

Former England rugby captain Phil Vickery is used to the buzz of the stadium game, with fans cheering and players getting stuck into the action.

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But he says that with today’s technology, getting those same feelings of excitement and exhilaration in your own home has never been easier.

Here, he gives us a snapshot of what it’s like in the Vickery household on those all-important big match days.

What are big match days like at your house?

Match day at home for me is quite serious. I know I don’t play any more but you can’t just arrive at the TV and be ready for it, so the prep goes in early. I like to get a good little breakfast in depending on what time of day the match is at. Good feed, good drink, set the atmosphere. Got to have nibbles, because you don’t want to leave the room when the match is on, so you need to be well drilled and everything needs to be sorted. Because once that TV goes on, kick-off whistle blows – 80 minutes of don’t disturb Dad.

So what’s your TV set-up at home?

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so we’ve got a kitchen TV, which is like background noise – you can listen to music on it, which is great. But the living room, lounge, the snug area, where it all happens – 48-inch screen, surround sound, all singing, all dancing. The shutters go up, lights out, TV on, kick-off time – do not disturb, because it’s important.

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And when you are watching the rugby at home, do you get free rein? Or do you have to fight for the remote control?

At home for me on match days, the control stays in my hand – I am dominant on match day, regardless of what the kids want to watch. But I’m very lucky actually – we as a family enjoy watching sport and we enjoy watching TV together and they know on match day dad is in charge.

Would we get the same answer if we asked the kids?

If you asked my daughter who was in charge, it would be a totally different answer! My son’s with me – boys stick together on sports days. And my wife understands about match day and knows how important sport is to me. But I’m sure she’ll be in the background playing on her smartphone at the same time, having a little look around for clothes, buying something which is going to be no use to me. The only thing I know is that I’ll probably end up paying for it.

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