Treasure Hunt

17 Jun 2013


currys treasure hunt

***Update: This competition is now closed***

As we've become more accustomed to chatting, surfing, sharing and watching what we want when we want, Currys are giving one lucky TechTalk reader the chance to make doing all those things a lot easier with a brand new smart television.

So if you want to be in with a chance of winning, all you've got to do is prove you're as smart as the prize by solving the clues below to find the "treasure". But what is this treasure that you're looking for? Well, it's a series of virtual jewels, gold and chests hidden on the not-so-deserted island that is the internet.

Here's how it works:

  • Solve the clues below to reveal the names of the popular blogs
  • Type the blog name into Google and click on the first search result - if you're right, the treasure will be on the front page of that blog. (Tip: Include the word "blog" in your search)
  • Each piece of treasure will have a keyword on it
  • Enter that word into the entry form below
  • Include your Twitter user name (e.g. @CurrysPCWorld)
  • Make sure you follow Currys PC World on Twitter so we can contact you if you win
  • Prize: A massive 3D smart TV by Sony worth £1299!

The winner will be chosen at random so the more clues you can solve, and the more treasure you find, the more chance you have of winning!

Bloggers: Want to Hide Our Treasure on your Blog? To get involved, tweet us! We're giving away a £250 Currys Gift Card to one lucky blogger who will be chosen at random. The more people who enter having discovered your treasure, the more chance you have of winning!

So without further ado, here's a rundown of our clues:

  • 1 - First word: The Capital of Britain. Second word: If you're not outside, you're more likely be where?
  • 2 - First Word: American recording artist: Will.*.**. Second Word: Used to describe actors who play the same roles over and over.
  • 3 - First Word: BBC Radio 1's Urban counterpart. Second Word: Video Games hobbyists are referred to as?
  • 4 - First Word: An informal agreement, which relies on trust and honor rather than legal obligation. Second Word: Kitchen appliances are also known as white what?
  • 5 - First Word: "What path method" is an important tool used by Project Managers when scheduling activities? Second Word: The most common term used to refer to those who play video games.
  • 6 - First Word: Acronym for the "Throttle Quadrant System". Second Word: Commonly found in newsagents and out of date ones found in the average waiting room.
  • 7 - First Word: Die Hard 2 is sometimes referred to as Die what? Second Word: Online journos who write "web-logs" are known as what? Third Word: Harder, Better, - - - - - - , Stronger.
  • 8 - First Word: The cat with the famously mischievous grin. Second Word: Popular phrase: "___'s the word"?
  • 9 - First Word: Most commonly used word in the English language. Second Word: The hills are alive with the sound of what? Third Word: Iconic 80's BMX Wheels were whats?
  • 10 - First Word: Short for "Technology" Second Word: Guiles special move was Sonic what?
  • 11 - First Word: What does this blog "talk" about? Second Word: If texting, you'd probably type "OTG".
  • 12 - First Word: Google's web browser minus the "e". Second Word: The largest continent on Earth.
  • 13 - First Word: The first colour of the rainbow. Second Word: A flower associated with romance. Third Word: What children call their mothers.
  • 14 - First Word: Blur love their 'what' life? Second Word: 'What' mark sets the standard? Third Word: Someone who writes poems.
  • 15 - First Word: Belonging to Remy. Second Word: Something lavish and usually expensive. Third Word: The common term for 'Weblog'.
  • 16 - First Word: No email address would be complete without this. Second Word: What Sweet What? Third Word: The French would say "avec". Fourth Word: Browns, Doubtfire & Robinson have what in common? Fifth Word: Judge Dunch's Secret Service Codename.
  • 17 - First Word: Micro skate boards are known as 'What Decks'? Second Word: Eddie Murphy plays what kind of Professor?
  • 18 - First Word: A panel of business leaders who vet investment ideas. Second Word: A common conjunction in the England Language. Third Word: This keeps your hands happy and your dishes sparkling. Forth Word: Ashes to Ashes, _ _ _ _ to _ _ _ _.
  • 19 - First Word: Which 'Mr' pities the fool? Second Word: This is a magic number. Third Word: The Golden Globes, Oscars and BAFTA's all bestow what?
  • 20 - First Word: Paul, George, and Ringo. Who's missing? Second Word: Garfunkel's song writing partner. Third Word: Most newspapers are issued what?
  • 21 - First Word: The last White Star Line ship in the world. Second Word: You can catch Paul & Barry's comedy antics on Chuckle what?
  • 22 - First Word: Britain's most famous sci-fi doctor. Second Word: Complete the quote: Hard work never --- anybody, but why take the chance? Third Word: Disney's baby deer.
  • 23 - First Word: This little guy was desperate to phone home. Second Word: Classic 80's learning toy "What and Spell"? Third Word: Robert Vaughn and David McCallum were both men "what" U.N.K.L.E. Fourth Word: Many aspire to 'make a house a what'?
  • 24 - First Word: Expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. Second Word: The title of a 2012 movie directed by Julie Dyer starring John Hawkes, Molly Parker & Olivia Harris. Third Word: A common abbreviation for the United Kingdom.
  • 25 - First Word: The flower most connected to funerals, written with an I not a Y. Second Word: Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole. Third Word: England's Capital City.
  • 26 - First Word: The first name of the actor who played Jules in Pulp Fiction. Second Word: Name of the king who Guy Fawkes wanted to kill in his Gunpowder Plot? Third Word: What Mini Cooper is the full name of a car highly popular in the 1960s.
  • 27 - First Word: "chet" is an acronym for what? Second Word: An outdoor space used for dining.

Remember, we'll be uploading new clues regularly so keep coming back for more treasure to find!

Once you find treasure, enter the secret word into the form below:

This competition is now closed