Next generation home entertainment revealed

Want to know how you'll be enjoying year's big blockbuster home movies? You've come to the right place. Today's CES exploits saw some tasty television sets get announced. We've also got the first details of Samsung's new stylish 3D glasses. Read on for our home entertainment roundup.

5c. samsung 3d glasses.jpg

3D glasses get sexy
3D glasses ruining your street cred? Samsung has just announced a stylish set of active 3D glasses at CES. The name of them (SSG-3700CR) might not sound catchy but these 3D glasses are definitely worth catching hold of. They're light too, weighing just 1oz. And yes, they'll fit over your regular specs too.

Sharp Aquos LE935 70-inch 3D TV monster
Does size matter? When you've got a 70-inch television sitting in your front room it will. The Sharp Aquos LE935 is a massive new flatscreen TV with full LED backlighting. It's web-connected too and has Wi-Fi built in. Too big? You can always go for the LE835 3D TV, which comes in 60, 52, 46 and 42-inch versions.

Samsung TVs get sexier
Samsung has announced that it'll be sanding down the bezel on a number of its television to just 0.2-inches. Yup, that's the ugly frame around it to make its Samsung 8000 and 7000 series sexier than ever. Even better, screen sizes on said series will be pushed up an extra inch.

Toshiba welcomes glasses-free 3D TV
Great news for spec phobic telly fans. Toshiba has announced full glasses-free 3D TVs measuring a sizeable 56-inches and 65-inches. The screens use LED backlit panels and promise a wide viewing angle to let you move your head while viewing 3D images without losing that all important 3D illusion. Unfortunately they're still in prototype form, but if we all collectively hope, who knows they might one day be nestling in our homes.

LG shows off portable 3D TV
Like the idea of 3D TV viewing but hate the idea of wearing specs? LG has just shown off its new autostereoscopic portable TVs. Those 3D glasses…you won't need to wear them to see the 3D images displayed on their dinky screens. Score! A UK release date has yet to be confirmed, so do keep an eye out.