OLED and beyond: Cutting edge TVs at CES 2018

TV has always been the biggest star of CES, and 2018 is no different - from rollable TVs to one as big as an entire wall.

15 Jan 2018



CES and TVs are like strawberries and cream. The biggest developments in television have always come at CES – from the first-ever colour sets to cutting edge OLED and 4K in recent years.

Our reporter has been on the ground in Las Vegas checking out the developments for 2018. Here are the main headlines…


ROLL-ED makes its debut

lg oled tv

OLED TVs are among the absolute best you can buy: incredibly thin and capable of incredible picture quality thanks to its ability to turn each LED off individually.

This leads to deep, inky blacks and superb contrast rate – what is OLED?  

Now LG has taken things a step further with an OLED TV that you can roll up.

‘When you need the display you can just roll up the OLED screen,’ said an LG spokesperson. ‘If you don’t need the display, you just roll down the OLED screen.’ Simple.


But why would you need a TV that rolls up like a poster?

We think it looks incredibly cool and sophisticated. It would clearly complement the most chic of apartments, for design purists who prefer their décor to be completely free of visible tech. 

Before you start thinking how you can justify buying one though, this is a prototype – LG has yet to reveal details about selling them to the public.


The Wallpaper TV gets an upgrade

lg w8

There are plenty of new LG OLED TVs you can buy this year. The best undoubtedly being the follow-up to one of last year’s absolute best.

The LG W8 wallpaper is the 2018 upgrade on last year’s truly head-turning and innovative W7. The W8 is still super-thin, measuring in at 2.57mm thick – around 4 stacked credit cards!

It still bears the design hallmarks of its predecessor, but since the W7 was widely regarded as one of 2017’s very best TVs, that’s a good thing in our book.  

It sits flush against your wall, so looks like a painting or a piece of art. And its OLED picture gets even sharper thanks to a new Alpha 9 processor that makes bright light better stand out against dark – think the stars in a night sky.

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Wall of micro-LED TVs

samsung wall

The phrase ‘a wall of TVs’ instantly brings to mind the interior of a Currys PC World store, where lots of TVs are displayed side by side and beneath and above to create a huge display.

Now you can experience this with one entire screen, thanks to The Wall - the world’s first modular TV announced by Samsung.

The huge 146-inch (or 12ft) TV was made possible by the advent of micro-LED technology.


That’s right, micro-LED

If you’d just got your head around the difference between OLED and LED TVs – i.e. that one is backlit and the other not, micro-LED is the latest term to get to grips with.

In many ways, it works like OLED. It’s made up of pixels that can switch themselves on and off themselves. This means there’s no need for a backlight so it can offer excellent blacks and infinite contrast.

It’s like OLED but different. It comes from Samsung Cinema Screen technology – hence the gargantuan size.

It’s not just about TVs…the modular technology can be used to create various shapes of different sizes that go beyond conventional TV screen dimensions.

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Sony stakes its OLED claimSony OLED AF8

LG is the brand most associated with making OLED TVs, but Sony joined the party with its first models at CES 2017.

Sony is back again for 2018 with some incredibly cool OLED TVs that focus as much on the sound as the picture. The OLED AF8 series has a screen that also works as a speaker, so there’s no need for additional speakers or sound bars.

It’s the new Sony flagship, and is just as impressive as last year’s Sony A1.


4K flying high on OLED sets

There was a day when you had to choose either a 4K TV or an OLED TV. That’s no longer the case – all of the new OLED TVs from LG and Sony also offer 4K resolution.

4K resolution gives you 4 times the detail of Full HD. So when you combine that added detail with the incredible blacks and whites of OLED, you’re in for something pretty special.


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